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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. candysound

    Not cos I own one, cos i just got it a couple of months ago and I am really happy with it paired with an He400i , but it really looks good and sounds is very pleasing, mind you I do love the Marantz sound cos my hi-fi and AV system is mostly Marantz and its a slight warmer side of nuatral which I prefer.
    a local shop is going to have the isine10 this next week and I will be able to try them on, I did not get them yet cos I heard comfort wise they are 50/50 and would not want to risk £250 for them not being comfy enough , apart from that I thing is a no-brainer having a portable planar with a Dad/Amp,specially if you run IOS.
  2. DrunkSaru
    If the regular tips are not comfortable, see if they have the ribbed tips (found on the LCDi4). I completely fell in love with the ribbed tip and almost prefer them over the foam tips I've had on other IEM's. Also keep in mind I hate IEM's. I hate sticking things inside my ear. But the LCD i4 was immensely comfortable but I can't afford the price tag. The iSine20 is the next step down but I tried it with the ribbed tips and they felt just as good.
  3. candysound
    il take it they all come with the ribbed tips right?
  4. DrunkSaru
    I'm not sure, I think so now. But at CanJam when I was talking to Mark Cohen, he said that it was new and was shipping out with i4's first and the isine did not. I was under that impression until I saw Tyll's review and he had both versions but that could also be because hew as reviewing them. I'm not sure. But you can always give Audeze a call and find out. They usually have pretty good customer service.
  5. Christopher Patzman
    I found this forum right about the time that people here found that the ios 11 public betas solved the connection problem to my HA-2. I jumped aboard the beta bandwagon and was happily listening to my Oppo until....... Yesterday I updated my iphone 6 to the official ios 11 software that was released this week and now I cannot get my iphone to connect to the Oppo at all. Is anyone here successfully using their Oppo with the new ios software?
  6. ekrauss
    iOS 11 has not been officially released yet. It hits the streets on 9/19, which is five days from now. If I were you, I would do a clean install on 9/19 because who knows what you actually installed? A pirated developer package claiming to be the "golden master," perhaps? I wouldn't trust it.
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  7. Christopher Patzman
    It's the official golden master that showed up in my software updates early because I'm enrolled in the Beta User program. I have read that there are still sometimes things they still fix between the golden master release and the public release. I really hope this is the case. I will take your suggestion and do a fresh load next week.
  8. DrunkSaru
    FYI, I was just at an Audiophile meet and Mark Cohen form Audeze was there so I asked him about the ribbed or rather the "Grooved" tips as he called it. He said that if you buy any of the iSine's now, all will come with the regular and grooved tips and If you bought one before they included it, he suggested you call them up and as long as you're nice, they would likely just send you some of the grooved tips.
  9. oldmate
    Hi guys and Girls,

    Just a quick question.

    I'm currently using a galaxy S3 rooted with UAPPro as my player and as wondering if I ditched the S3 for a iPhone 5S (pretty cheap 2nd hand) and the appropriate app for playback is there going to be any difference in sound quality??

  10. DrunkSaru
    You probably won't hear that much of a difference but that would depend on the headphones that you're using as well. The iphone (5S) will power the headphones better (than GS3) so your volume will get louder and I've known several people mistakenly think higher the volume the better. But yeah, between the two, the iPhone will sound better IMO. I've also owned the S3 in the past as well as the Note 3, Never the 5S but have owned the 5 & 6.
  11. oldmate
    Thanks for the reply mate. I should have been more specific - as in I will be using the HA-2 with the iPhone - not standalone.
  12. phiemon
    Does anyone have the HTC 10 and can tell me how it sounds compared to the Oppo HA-2(se)? I need the better sound for house music and some pop.

    You would help me very much!
  13. DrunkSaru
    I thought the question was odd. Anyway, that's my setup now as well and I personally can't tell the difference but should be the point eh? Regardless of source, you're running it through the same DAC/AMP so technically it should sound the same. Of course if you're bypassing the DAC and using it just as an amp, then sound and volume will vary.
  14. oldmate
    Thanks mate. So the iPhone 5S outputs bit perfect to the HA-2 or close to it via the lightning port?? Do you need a third party app or does the standard apple music player achieve this??
  15. DrunkSaru
    won't say it's perfect but close enough. I used to use a third party app but I don't remember what it was. For me, the 3rd party app was so I could play more a variety of file types at the time. I don't know about now. I think someone else can chime in here...
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