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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. Donie Ray Samba-an
    Why dont you use the Sony WMC-NWH10 cable
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
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  2. jegnyc
    On the thread at the Apple website, several people (including at least one Oppo user) have found that while 10.3.3 does indeed eliminate dropouts, there are still "glitches" in the music. I take "glitches" to mean momentary breaks in playback from which the iDevice recovers. Have you experienced that? I'm still on 10.2 and can continue refusing to update if the problem has not been completely resolved.
  3. RAQemUP
    Ya staying on 10.2.1 myself. It's a guess if someone will have 100% glitch free use of not.
  4. erich6
    Good news! Will test mine this weekend.
  5. adrift02
    Unfortunately I had to downgrade back to 10.3.2 due to AirPlay connectivity issues with iOS 11 (and other OS changes I hated). But over the week or so I used it, I never experienced a dropout.
  6. adrift02
    The "glitches" sound like what I was experiencing with iOS 11. I didn't get dropouts, but would occasionally get mico-stutters around the points where I'd usually get dropouts. I'm assuming that 10.3.3. and 11 both handle connectivity the same, but I'll have to test 10.3.3 now that I've jumped to the official update.
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  7. ntbm3
    FYI, updated to latest 10.3.3 and everything has worked fine. No drops!

    If any one is interested in a very lightly used HA-2 let me know, I will be letting mine go soon.
  8. Giullian
    Updated my iPhone 7+ with the 10.3.3, the issues still happens with the small cable provided by OPPO, but it's all good with my Apple cable. Another annoying issue that is definitely an iOS issues is sometimes you press Pause on the apple music player and it stop recognizing the lightning connection, so you need to remove the cable and connect again so it can recognize. that happens even with Apple Car Play.
    Anyone having this problem and know a way to resolve it?
  9. knaai
    I have bought the HA-2 back in august 2015 and had exactly the same issues back then, together with the iPhone 6, than I do suffer now with the iPhone 7 and the HA-2 SE. So it can't be just a iOS 10 issue like you stated here. Back then I had the same dropouts as described oa by dennistdk.
    However, the problems became worse with the use of the iPhone 7, the music not only stopped on a regularly basis, but also gave funny noises when packed together with a short cable.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
  10. ekrauss
    It's a problem with iOS 10's USB driver power management, as detailed in the thread above. It is not an HA-2 or HA-2SE hardware issue. Hopefully Apple will resolve this problem when iOS 11 is introduced in the fall.
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  11. erich6
    So I've been testing my HA-2SE with my iPhone 6s using 10.3.3 and the short cable supplied by Oppo with the DAC and haven't had any issues over several hours play sessions so I would say the issue with iOS 10 is solved.

    I have not tried it in the conditions (low cellular signal levels) others have reported dropouts before the iOS 10 update happened.
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  12. knaai
    Here the same! No big issues anymore.

    Because I had also a lot of interruptions with the OPPO HA-2 with iOS9 I thought it was related to the OPPO. Back then I had a lot of issues with the cables and USB port of the device.
    Luckily enough it seems to be solved now.
  13. adeeb
    i'm not sure why you all say ios 10.3.3 has solved the stability issues with HA-2SE. for me, they are definitely still there, although they may have changed somewhat. mostly, i hear frequent clicks/gaps, but sometimes the click is followed by a long enough gap that the music pauses and i have to turn off the ha-2se then turn it back on before resuming. airplane mode is much better, but i still have some click/gaps. i suspect those might be attributed to some apps retaining location services -- even though i turned it off.

    i'm using the short cable supplied by oppo and have the phone stacked. all the music i have been listening to has been hi-res flac using HF Player.

    UPDATE: It seems like my cable is now damaged -- the lightning connector is bent and my phone does not seee the oppo anymore. i'm not sure is the initial stages of this had already manifested previously and were the real cause of the clicks and pauses. i'll test next week with a longer cable during a long flight.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
  14. inertianinja
    Minor update:

    went back and forth with Oppo a bit. They sent me a new lightning cable - longer and thinner than the original.
    I think the dropouts have stopped, but it's still not perfect. I find that if no music is playing, it will just continue to disconnect and reconnect, but apparently not while playing.
  15. Cuenca John
    Never mind problem solved.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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