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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. Yobster69
    Hi, is it an active speaker? By that I mean does it have its own internal amplifier? If it does, then you really would want to plug it into the Line Out socket rather than the Headphone Out.
    I use mine with a set of Acoustic Energy Aego M's which are active, it works perfectly.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  2. grig
    Yes is an active speaker, the reason why i try to connect in the headphone jack is because i use my oppo with the fiio as a stack, therefore no room available on the line out jack.
  3. Yobster69
    Ah, then there is no need to use the Oppo then. Just connect the speakers to the line out of your Fiio DAP, they will then amplify the LO signal. If you prefer the DAC of the Oppo to the Fiio then you will need to attach it digitally through the USB port of both devices, which leaves the LO port of the Oppo free.
    I hope this helps?
  4. grig
    Well unfortunately, the fiio x1 doesn't have this feature, therefore the only way to use the fiio x1 with the oppo is through the 3.5mm jack, no other ways. Any idea anyway, why through the headphone jack there's no sound using a speaker ?

    Using as a stack both dac's are in use? or the sabre is bypassed by the fiio pcm ?
  5. Yobster69
    Hi. I do not own the X1, but as I understand it the Fiio's headphone jack can be set as a line out from within the settings. I could be wrong but I am fairly certain this is the case.
    If you are using a 3.5 to 3.5 interconnect between the headphone jack of the X1 and the Oppo, but not setting it to to the line out option, then you are using the DAC and amp of the Fiio, and then further amping the signal with the Oppo, essentially double amping your headphones.
    The way you are presently trying to send the signal to your speakers is by using the Fiio DAC, Fiio amp, and then the AMP of the Oppo, and your speaker amp definitely will not like that.
    The only way for you to use the sabre DAC of the Oppo is to send a digital signal from the Fiio, via USB to the Oppo, and let the Oppo take it from there.
    Anybody else please step in if they feel I am wrong?
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  6. TimeLord
    I have never tried to connect a speaker.

    As for the X1, assuming you're using Gen 2 of the X1, the specs I checked show it has analog line out through its 3.5 mm jack. I did not see that it's capable of digital output. Another assumption, you're connecting the Fiio to the Oppo using a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable from the Fiio line out to the Oppo line in. If all of the above is correct, then you are not using the Oppo's DAC.

    To use the Oppo's DAC, you'd need a digital connection to it. You'd use a USB cable for that.

    Edit: @Yobster69, I had not seen your post when I replied. You have it right as far as I can tell.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
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  7. grig
    Yea that's right, is exactly how i know to be ! But i was looking forward for a double check. So basically the Fiio X1first gen. doesn't have a feature to send out the digital information like the bigger brother X3 II gen. There's an option on the Fiio as line out but ,you still have to use the 3.5mm jack in both cases. In line out mode the signal goes out at 100% of volume. As i knew, in this case the only DAC used is the PCM in the Fiio and not the Sabre. But still is an amazing difference in sound quality using the oppo amp. than any other amp. I paired the Fiio with the O2 and most recently with the Elemental Watson and both are excellent amp's but when paired with the oppo you can feel an improvement in the DAC section as well. That's why i was wondering if there's any chance that "maybe" in the oppo there's an AD converter that send the information to the Sabre to get converted again in Analogue. But you're giving me a confirmation that this is not the case. Thumbs up for that.
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  8. grig
    I use the X1 first gen, LO or not doesn't make a big difference in the X1. When on LO you have no control on the volume which is set to 100%. I never use this option, i rather prefer to set the volume manually somewhere between 75-85 % to avoid any kind of distorsion. In fact is not capable of digital out, unfortunately for me. And yes most likely i don't use the Oppo's DAC. At least apparently...
  9. zilch0md
    [Withdrawing redundant comments.]
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2017
  10. Timster
    Hi All,

    Been a few weeks since my last report, as have been overseas on a work trip. Last report was on iOS 10.3.1, with no cell coverage on the flight to Manila; see back a few pages. I updated to 10.3.2 before I left Manila to come home and today (back in Australia) commuted to Melbourne on a train. Drop out regularly occurring, and with two different cables. HA-2 set to lo-gain. 10.3.2 made no difference to me. I will try and run it tomorrow without movement so cell and wifi remain stable and will report back.
  11. keithmarsh
    I've been on the iOS 11 beta for a number of days and I have not had one single drop out. I was getting them every few minutes on iOS 10.3.

    Looks like the problem has been fixed but people will have to wait for the public beta or full release.
  12. frustin
    now that does sound promising, keep us updated on that please?
  13. keithmarsh

    I'm well over 2 weeks in (50+ hours use) and I have still not had a single issue or drop out.

    I live and work in Central London and the amount of drop outs I was getting was making the HA-2SE unusable. These were every few minutes.

    I have tested on iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro (1st gen) and iPad Pro 10.5. All had numerous dropouts on iOS10.3 but no problems at all with iOS11.

    I've also had no problems with my Mojo and Dragonfly Red. These were both misbehaving under iOS10.3. They are fine with both versions of the CCK.

    The apps I've teated with are Apple Music, Onkyo HF Player, iAudioGate, KaiserTone and Plex.
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  14. adrift02
    Thanks -- I'll have to try the beta. The problem (audio cutting out until I re-initialize a connection) has gotten much worse with 10+ -- my HA-2SE is practically unusable because it happens so frequently. Makes sense it's on the iOS / driver side, as the problem arises even with a long lightning cable and my phone two feet apart from the DAC + airplane mode and offline music.
  15. Timster
    Fingers crossed for iOS 11 release then!
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