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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. jegnyc
    Re 10.3.x issue: one other possible variable came to mind regarding possible power draw - are the problems exacerbated when using location services?
  2. scoe141
    Interesting... I did have a program running all the time (utilizing location services.) I turned it off this morning, so we'll see what happens. (I do have other apps using location services while opened.)
  3. scoe141
    It's similar to this. I just spoke to a rep at Oppo. He did say that it's an Apple resource issue. Meaning, if you have location services running, or another app that is drawing power then it could affect the DAC. He suggested the following: using a longer cord, (helps mitigate interference); turning off location services, bluetooth or anything else that may draw extra power; be patient and hope Apple comes up with a fix in their next update. (Apparently 10.3.2 made it a little better.)
  4. Cold Train
    I asked the same kind of question when I first started this hobby, actually the rubber bands will automatically affects the navigation on your smartphone's screen unless it has thick bezels like most HTC devices. As a result, I bought some velcroc nylon straps (usually for cable management) and with some DIY, I can attach and detach any amplifier with any dap/smartphone without rubber bands
    Last edited: May 25, 2017
  5. Kingston12
    Has anyone had issues with the HA-2 cutting out

    I run an iPod Touch into my HA-2 using the original Oppo cable and after about half an hour it goes completely silent.

    The iPod Touch is still running. Turning the HA-2 off and on again brings the music back, but it is a bit annoying to have to do this each time.
  6. SeraphicWings
    If you are running 10.3.x then this is an universal problem by Apple, not only Oppo but other DAC/AMPs are suffering this as well
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  7. Kingston12
    Thanks for that. I hadn't realised that was the case. I am on 10.3.2. Hopefully Apple will update soon, but I am less worried about it if it is not a hardware problem with my HA-2.
  8. jegnyc
    I've been exhorting people to make their feelings known to Apple here.
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  9. scoe141
    Exactly. I spoke to a rep at Oppo. He advised it was a resource issue on Apple's end. He said you can try and free up resources by turning off services you don't need while listening to the music i.e. Bluetooth, or Airplane mode (while keeping the unit on wifi)

    I tried that and it still cut out. The HA2 worked perfectly on my MBP.
  10. SeraphicWings
    Rejoice, HA-2/HA-2SE and Portable DAC/AMP iOS users!

    I've updated my 7 plus to iOS 11 Developer Beta. And it looks like Apple has addressed the problems with USB Audio data transfer. I've used my HA-2SE for nearly an hour and so far no analog signal dropouts (some digital signal disconnection still rarely happens though, but it restarted super fast)

    Also, all my music on my 3rd party app iAudiogate, as well as other apps and data, still remain intact, and the app is working wonderfully on a developer build of an Operating system. But bugs and stutters happen because this is still an early stage build

    But I can say for certain that iOS 11 is something very worth looking forward to if you are suffering the dropout issue from 10.3.x

    If anyone is using iOS device with your Mfi certified portable DAC/AMP apart from the HA-2/HA-2SE and have updated to 11 please discuss with us more!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
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  11. pfk777
    That is awesome news. Thanks for sharing!! Peter
  12. polecrab
    Anyone have an HA-1, HA-2SE, and HD600/650/6xx? If so, how much of a difference in sound quality can you hear between the 2 amps at moderate volume (like 9:30 on the HA-1 volume knob) with the Senn?

    To put this in perspective, I just spent an hour switching between my iPhone 7 and HA-1 playing the same music, level matched by ear, so pretty informal. If I switched quickly, I could tell that the iPhone sound was slightly tinnier (rolled off at both frequency extremes), smaller, looser, and noisier. However, if I were blindfolded and asked to guess what I was listening to without being able to switch, I would fail (my ears aren't as young and fresh as most of yours).

    So if you had the iPhone 7 at one end of the scale and HA-1 on the other, where would the HA-2SE fall on that scale? Closer to the HA-1 or closer to the iPhone 7?

    Basically, if the HA-2SE is only going to be slightly better than the iPhone, there's no point in me buying it. However, if it's going to get me very close to the HA-1 performance at moderate volume driving the HD6__, it'll be worth it for me to buy it.
  13. keithmarsh
    I'm on iOS 11 too and have tested with Oppo HA-2SE, Chord Mojo and Dragonfly Red... So far no drop outs either. :-D

    There seems to be better/more seamless handover when you switch between different music apps - iAudiogagte --> Apple Music --> Plex (that I use for steaming hi res music from my server). You get a smooth fade down then fade up that I don't remember happening before. This to me is an indication that they have reworked a lot of the sound handling (and possibly why they were ignoring the 10.3 issues).

    I noticed though that there music controls in control center and on the home screen don't work with any 3rd party music apps. The artwork doesn't appear and controls do not work. They do with Apple Music though. This is a further indication that there's a lot that has been changed and devs are going to have a bit of work to do to get iOS 11 ready :wink:
  14. zilch0md
    I was just a patron at a restaurant/bar where a live 3-person band was playing folk music, this past Saturday evening. They finished a set and tried to start patching music into their sound system from an iPhone 7, while they took a break. The audio cut out just seconds after they had stepped down from the stage. One of them turned back to troubleshoot it.

    I'd seen him hook up his iPhone and had already been connecting and reconnecting the Lightning cable that ran to his mixer, to no avail. So I went up and asked him which version of iOS he was running. He pulled it up and said, "10.3.1"

    I told him about "the problem with iOS 10.3" and suggested he turn off the iPhone completely, then power it up and launch only the app he needed. Bingo. Problem fixed (for awhile, anyway.) He was grateful to get it fixed so quickly, but the moral of the story is that this problem is affecting a LOT of people, everywhere. (He wasn't using any Oppo gear.)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
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  15. grig
    anyone tried to connect an external speaker (small portable speaker) to the oppo instead of the headphones (on the headphones jack) ? i try that an no sound coming from speaker, any idea why ?

    I use my ha 2 se in combination with my fiio x1, doing so the sabre dac, is still used or just the fiio's dac is ?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
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