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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. JazzWants2BFree
    Peachtree Shift had an occasional drop with 10.3.1. Better than Oppo or Dragonfly.

    Updated to 10.3.2 yesterday. One drop.

    Drops usually occur when I doing something in another app.
  2. halo9
    An update in my dealings with Apple. I have pretty much gotten nowhere. Last reply I got was an update from the engineering team that basically said there is a high number of third party devices out there and they cannot ensure the functionality of accessories. They recommended the manufacturers are best equipped to deal with their own devices and to contact them. So after a promising start to get support it seems I was snubbed off. Strange as it kept getting escalated through Apple and information was sought on the issue and after a couple weeks I get a level 1 response saying it's someone else's problem.

    In other news I got word from Oppo to download and try the latest iOS update as it's intended to fix the issue with the HA-2SE.

    Looking at iOS 10.3.2 update it does say the update includes bug and security fixes though there is no documentation on the bug fixes. Looking at the security fixes though reveals updates to the Core Audio component " CoreAudio - Available for: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Impact: An application may be able to read restricted memory. Description: A validation issue was addressed with improved input sanitization." Let's hope that while they were making security fixes they fixed the communication issues too (it could be included but no way to confirm it).

    So while Apple deny any such issues and blame the third party devices, both Oppo and Chord have come out and stated it is an Apple issue with iOS 10.3.x and now there is word that iOS 10.3.2 should help eliminate the drop outs caused by iOS. Note this will unlikely help with the dropouts on the Ha-2/SE series caused by RFI/EMI in low signal areas.

    I hope to do the update on the weekend and test it out to see how things go. Let us know how you get along.
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  3. stollio
    First post; I've been lurking a while following the Oppo HA-2/iPhone issue.

    I know there have been a lot of stops and starts, but I've had good luck with 10.3.3 beta. Listened for an hour at home last night, at high gain and low gain, receiving a number of texts and IMs and generally using my phone a lot. Now I'm at work where I do the majority of my listening(and get the majority of my disconnects) and have had no issues. My setup is an iPhone7 and HA2-SE. I tested with the included Oppo shorty cable and my dCables shorty as well, both of which had previously given me numerous disconnects.

    Crossing my fingers...
  4. zilch0md
    Hey, thanks for this promising report, stollio, and welcome to Head-Fi.

    It's a tradition here to welcome new members with, "Sorry about your wallet!"

  5. stollio
    Haha, thanks. Wallet is already hurting. At least I got refurb'd Oppo PM-3's and HA2-SE, so that mitigated some of the damage :)

    And an update; after another day of listening, I have experienced some drop outs. It feels like less, but that is highly unscientific. I also seem to experience them more at work than home, so that lends credence to low cell signal possibly effecting it. Sorry for the false hope! I won't post another affirmative until I've had a week drop-out free :)
  6. claud W
    Enjoying my Oppo PM-3s and HA-2 SE fed by a Sony A17 Walkman playing HiRez tunes. No problems, but not an iPhone. These are great Headphones!!
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  7. zilch0md
    Hey Claud, I'm happy for you!

    As stated before, in my opinion, you've got the most feature-rich, friendly and bug-free UI currently available in a portable DAP, accepting microSD cards of any size with numerous formats supported, trouble-free, while bypassing Sony's (proprietary) DAC and (weak) 10mW per channel amp section, to enjoy everything the HA-2 SE offers - into the PM-3 no less. And it's all dedicated to playing music, leaving your iPhone or Android free to do what it does best. And... in such a compact, slim package.

    I've been chasing portable gear for six years (a novice compared to many other Head-Fi members), but in my opinion, you have arrived!

  8. DrunkSaru
    Hey, Sorry for the late response. been busy lately and with this new upgrade on the forum, My notifications kinda stopped working in some areas.

    Anyway, answer is no I have not fixed the issue. My initial thought was maybe I can disable the power portion of my cable and only do data but I'm not as familiar with USB wiring and too lazy to figure it out. Some are speculating that with Android O, this issue will be resolved. I might download O preview but not anytime soon. Too much stuff on my plate to do at the moment. But If I figure something out, I'll likely post it here.
  9. mangothehuman
    I just snagged a HA2 SE off of Amazon. Will mostly use it with my MacBook Pro. Occasionally will use it with my Samsung S8. I primarily stream Spotify to listen to my music. Going to pair with my Noble x Massdrop IEMs. Was this DAC a good choice?
  10. nwavesailor
    Going to pair with my Noble x Massdrop IEMs. Was this DAC a good choice?[/QUOTE]

    I think so! I use the DAC section of the HA2-SE line out into a Garage 1217 hybrid tube amp and love the sound of the Sabre DAC.
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  11. halo9
    I think so, when using it with my XPS15 and Meze 99 classics it sounds fantastic. Beside the iPhone issues it is a rock solid DAC.
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  12. halo9
    So I updated to iOS 10.3.2 on the weekend and the first 3 hours went well with no drop outs at all. It was only the next morning when I returned to do some more listening that I noticed I must have bumped the gain switch to low at some earlier stage (I usually always listen on high gain). So I switched over to high gain and hit play. 90 seconds in it drops out, reset, 40 seconds later drops out, reset, then I got about an hour and 10 minutes before the next drop out and 25 minutes after that before I switched off. Next day same test. 8 minutes, drop out, 26 minutes, drop out. Arrghhh. Switch back to Low gain and am currently at 2 hours solid with no drop outs.

    Summary of iOS 10.3.2 - on low gain over 5 hours solid now with not a single drop out. On high gain have listened to about 2.5 hours of music and have had 5 drop outs. Both times I was on 4G with good signal (wifi off) using an apple cable with devices separated. While I was listening to music for a while on high gain with wifi on (45mins or so) I did not get any drop outs but I am not convinced yet as I need to rack up more hours.

    Something strange I noticed though, when the music drops out indefinitely on the 10.3.x update issue I needed to unplug or switch the HA-2SE on/off then hit play again to get music back, now after the 10.3.2 update if I hit pause (as iPhone shows track is still playing) and wait for a few seconds then hit play, music resumes without having to touch cable or power cycle. If you pause and play within 1-2 seconds, still no sound, but wait 3 seconds or more and music resumes. This is unlike the RFI dropouts where the device resets all by itself and music returns after 3-5 seconds without touching a thing so it easy to differentiate.

    I am not convinced anymore that this is entirely an Apple issue, but due to Apple changing something from 10.3 onward which is affecting DAC devices, I believe that manufacturers have been forced to update things at their end to suit Apple's changes. So yes it kind of is Apple's fault since they caused it but you get what I mean :grimacing:

    Time to swap my iPhone with someone else still on 10.2.1.
  13. rayhe19
    Is it possible to use the HA-2 regular version with an Iphone 6? I'm not particularly interested in the new DAC and I might just get the old version to save some money.
  14. jegnyc
    I'm using it with a 6S and a 5S. Note - I have not updated the software to 10.3.x for reasons made clear in this thread.
  15. scoe141
    I read this thread before buying the Oppo... everything was running perfectly, until I had a lapse of judgment and updated my iPhone 6.

    Now I'm running 10.3.2 and it keeps dropping on low gain setting. (its connected via a Zdatt USB to lightning connector)
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