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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. HasturTheYellow
    The quantity is insanely small. Right now the stands have been called for on a "I am interested but need to pay you" basis, which means that maybe a single stand will become available over the weekend. We will be getting an additional shipment in the future, but it will not be many more than we had made available starting yesterday. These HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Stands will be a very hard to come by statement piece unless I can convince the higher ups that manufacturing more of them is a good investment, even though we making literally pennies off of each unit sold.
  2. Herueyes
    They were never as far as I could see listed on the website.... This was strictly an insider thingy/Head-Fi Affair going on here.
    I got a post alert while I was at work on my cellphone.... Usually I read these posts on the train ride home but I decided to read Badas's Post
    and knew it was a race against time... When I ordered mine I was asked how many did I want? I was shocked it would even be an option...[​IMG] 
    Hey Hastur maybe you need to have a strict limit of only 1 per customer next batch... I'm not sure if anyone ordered more than (1) but it shouldn't even be an option methinks...
    SIGN UP???
  3. HasturTheYellow
    Only one HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Stand could be bought, and all orders had to be confirmed by me first before we allowed them to be entered into the system. This included the phone order you made. Anyone interested in the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Stand should E-Mail service@oppodigital.com and express their interest, as we will be mailing these people when new stands are available for sale.
  4. Badas
    I would really like to thank Oppo for listening and making these available. :)

    It will finish my amp nicely.

    I spent the morning arranging my rack to make space for it.


    Now I need to get a PM-1 or 2 before they come over to New Zealand and kick my butt. :D
  5. mrscotchguy

    I unfortunately cannot afford one right now (nor the HA-1), but I am interested in the stand for the next round. If Oppo isn't making money off of these due to the small number manufactured, maybe bumping it up $15-20 and contacting more for a larger order a little further down the road would be a better incentive. Obviously they sold out instantaneously, so there is a level of demand...
  6. zilch0md
  7. gotoma8
    Thought I share the newly arrived stand for my HD800.  This sits on the back of the HA-1 nicely...hopefully the heat isn't too bad.
  8. JML
    Putting anything on top of something that gets as hot as the HA-1 is asking for trouble.  You should never put anything on top of electronics that need air circulation for cooling.  That cloth makes it worse, as it will stop convection and IR radiation from the metal case (not only the grill area gets warm).  And I bet that if you keep that laminated wood stand on top of the HA-1 you'll end up with cracks in the laminations.  But it's your stuff.
  9. gotoma8
    Thanks JML, I agree...I am trying to find space on the work desk to organize all this gear.

  10. Smarty-pants

    I agree with some of that, but if he were to put just the stand on there without the cloth material, I think it would be just fine.
    Putting that cloth on there MIGHT make it warmer, but I doubt too much so.
    I have checked the temp of the HA-1 many times, and even when the gill part is the hottest it can be, the top behind the grill is barely warm.
    I have found the ambient temp inside the room to be a bigger factor. The warmer your room is, the warmer the amp will be during heavy use.
  11. Badas

    Look nice tho. [​IMG]
  12. gotoma8
  13. mrscotchguy

    That's a good price. I saw a really cool idea at a local hifi store. They had used an Ikea coat rack with all four LCD models. I want that now...
  14. MattTCG
    Pic or link please...
  15. mrscotchguy


    The ought never crossed my mind to snap some shots off at the store! I listened to the LCD line with the McIntosh MHA100. It was not as mind blowing as you'd think. I wan to go back and try my HE-4 and HD800 on it. The salesman was talking smack on the Oppo HA-1 not ever seeing it nor listening to it. So said I'd be happy to bring mine in whenever I can afford to buy it. I'd love to do a head-to-head.
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