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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. craftyhack
  2. gameon
    If I have my lyr2 connected to my Oppo HA-1 via the output, will the Oppo pass the dsd thru the output to the lry2. Will the Lyr2 get the benefit of using the Oppo dac? or does the dac only get utilized thru the inputs of the Oppo? sorry for the newbie question....
  3. craftyhack
  4. craftyhack
    Yes, assuming you have the Oppo SE (RCA) outputs connected to the Lyr2 SE inputs, then you will indeed get the benefit of using the Oppo's DAC capabilities while using the Lyr's amplification, no matter what input/ or the resolution of the source material that the Oppo is processing.  Nice amp BTW! 


  5. gameon

    Thank you craftyhack for the fast reply, Really loving the Oppo and all the different options I have with it !!!
    I have my Lyr2 connected as well as my meridian 508-24 cd transport via xlr, and my IMac via usb with Audirvana Plus.... Outputs of the Lyr2 to my audioengine a2+ speakers, everything sounds awesome thru my Audeze Lcd2 Hp's and Sen hd600's - now just waiting for my balanced Wywire red HP cable to arrive....[​IMG]
  6. Uniquexme
    May I know how to play DSD files in Audirvana Plus? I got some DSD on external HDD but dunno how to add to Audirvana on Mac. Tried using Audirvana to add files to iTunes but it convert to .aif. Sorry for hijacking thread. Juz getting ready for my HA-1.
  7. JML

    It has been noted earlier in this thread that with the HA-1, you should use "DSD over PCM" in Audirvana.
    But more generally, there's a user manual supplied with Audirvana Plus.  When you install the application using the .dmg file, you have the ability also to copy the manual from the installer.  If you didn't do that, just run the .dmg again, and drag the manual to wherever you want it to go.
    And there's an Audirvana forum, at http://www.audirvana.com/forums/.
    You can also search the section of Head-Fi devoted to computer software, at http://www.head-fi.org/f/46/computer-audio
    Plus there's another helpful forum at http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f11-software/
  8. Uniquexme
    Thanks for the info. The problem now is i have no idea how to add to Audrivana. Tried to drag a DSD over to Audivarna but its not accepting. Previous i integrate iTunes via Audirvana, but since iTunes doesn't recognise DSD, i have no idea how to add it.. shall go to the link that you posted. 
  9. JML
    I don't have any DSD files (yet) but I'm sure you need an external DSD-capable DAC connected to your computer before Audirvana can help you play the DSD files in the native format.  Read over that manual and check out those other forums.
  10. Uniquexme

    Ah.... maybe thats y. ok tonight will try again to connect my AK240 as DAC and try. thanks....
  11. manzano804
    I use Audirvana with a non DSD capable DAC , Audirvana convert the file to PCM and allow to play it on iTunes. If you are using a Mac go to Audirvana menu and click Add files to iTunes , you select the DSD file you want to have added and it is ready to play . Audirvana`s display will show you are playing a DSD file.
    Hope this helps.
  12. Uniquexme
    Does it convert to .aif? last night i tried to add a DSD .dff file and it converts to .aif... shall try again tonight to use my AK240 as DAC and see if it converts again... I have 2TB of DSD on an external HDD, can we choose to use the External HDD as library instead of converting it to .aif for iTunes? as my internal HDD on Mac Mini is only 500GB... Currently am using my external 500GB HDD as library for iTunes for my lossless songs so i don't have to add to library... 
  13. manzano804
    I am not sure , but you can ask in the Audirvana forum and they can help you with your doubts .
  14. gameon
    It does convert to .aif and puts it in Itunes but Audirvana also saves a copy of the original file on my IMac  - When i click on my  Hard drive it's under Favorites,/Music/HD tracks / Audirvana proxies /Users and the original file will be in there.( it will have aiff on end but you have to tag it first,but it will still play as a DSD File if you forget to tag -  check you Audirvana you will notice that it is playing a  DSD File)
    Then go into Audirvana and set your preferences to DSD over PCM standared 1.0  Then when you play the music file in HD Tracks not ITunes it will play thru your Oppo.
  15. Averruncus
    Just got mine today! (thanks again to akhyar for informing me about local dealers [​IMG])
    Right out of the box the HA-1 sounds way better then my Asus Essence One (at 2-3 times the cost, it's no surprise), with separation and soundstage depth being the most noteworthy improvements. It also seems very versatile across different genres of music, having a very balanced sound signature; it's beautifully detailed and brings me the joy of rediscovering all my favorite tracks (shivers of excitement [​IMG]). Built quality as far I can tell is flawless, the whole product exudes an aura of elegance and quality that makes me extremely happy I decided to buy it.
    Tested using my HE500 and DT880. Would maybe have preferred if there was a bit more sparkle in the highs and more warmth in vocals, but so far I'm very pleased with the HA-1.
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