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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Badas
    When using the remote to control volume does anyone else find it twitchy?
    Sometimes I push vol + quickly to raise it .5db and it doesn't move or actually goes down .5db.
    I find I have to hold button down and raise up a lot and then bring back down.
  2. pragu
    Do you think the HA-1 could safely support a monitor on the part behind the vent? I know it gets hot, but not plastic-melting hot, and it sure would clean up my workstation...
    Also, do we have any work on Linux compatibility in the future, and the USB audio that will be included in Android L?
  3. gotoma8
    Good to know about the Balanced output!  I am getting my Heimdall 2 cable for my HD800.  I hope it brings it to another level!  What balance cables are others using with the HA-1/HP or the HA-1/HD800 combo?

  4. JML
    IMHO, it gets too hot for you to place anything on top of the case.  Remember, the amp is designed to radiate heat from the case and to allow air to vent out the top.  If you put anything on top of the case, even if only behind the case, it will restrict the dissipation of the heat.  And likely do something harmful to what's on top.  I wouldn't want the hot air going in front of a monitor, either.
    The temperature is high enough that I wouldn't put anything made of plastic on top of the HA-1; even if it doesn't melt, plastic can deform and age prematurely from heat.
  5. Tyler J
    I just couldn't stand always looking at the speaker cables/adapter hanging off the front of the HA-1 if I decided to use the headphone out to amp solution.

    I have continued to listen to both and with SACDs from the BDP-83 the P5 is consistently a bit more transparent and the bass is more controlled. The other advantage is bass management. I think it would be very hard to get my sub to integrate perfectly without some sort of external crossover. I also intend to use the pre in a 2.1 home theater and with video games on occasion. The ability to redirect the bass and protect the Pulsars is significant to me.

    I agree that the HA-1 is a great piece and I agree with a former poster that it is ideal as a desktop solution. It is just not ideal in my situation.
  6. Badas

    I agree.
    Mine gets very hot. A lot hotter than my Marantz Power amps running extreme sound levels.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor


    The volume pot is not a digital device so it's bound to be twitchy with input from the remote. The remote volume control and volume display is actually just an approximate representation of the analog signal so some inaccuracy is expected.

    I'm just glad to have these features as the alternative would be much less convenient.
  8. Badas

    Oh agreed.
    It was one of the big selling points to me. I never want to get up and down to adjust the volume.
    So it is guessing the volume on the display. So would that mean that if the volume dial moves it is actually adjusting the volume?
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yeah, something like that.

    This is from HasturTheYellow (Oppo Digital rep) in an earlier post regarding the volume:

    "The algorithm used to convert the absolute analog signal to its digital representation on the front panel is done with only 1-bit of information. It is an approximation, not an absolute, which is why you will see the front panel show some amount of inconsistency in how it performs. This is something we are looking into, but with such a small sample it may not be something that we can enhance through future firmware releases."

    Hope this helps. :wink:
    SharpEars likes this.
  10. akhyar

    I'm using WyWires Red balanced cable for my HD800 to HA-1.
    Heimdall2 was in my radar as I used Heimdall i/c and s/c on my previous hi-fi rig but the price of the cable is way above my budget.
    I'm also worried if the SPC on Heimdall2 cable will tilt the HD800 more towards the high frequency as I can't audition the cable and have to buy blind
  11. Maxx134
    Woops Sorry I overlooked that I was actually using the single ended headphone jack because of the stock he560 cable..
    So high gain was not that loud on headphone jack only, as I was not using the more powerful balanced xlr out.

    On balanced out, the high gain Setting would be VERY loud if using a can like th600 & may be overkill..
    So you have a valid point. :wink:

    Anyway, on another note, balanced still sounds better even in normal gain at low volumes..

    What is strange is that it was better in the beginning of ownership and now it has gotten a bit twitchy exactly like you stated. .

    I think to tone down the heat we need bigger feet on bottom..
  12. Maxx134
    I believe it that a cleaned up, or removed power from the usb would benefit the digital signal from interference.
    So I am interested in trying this on my HA-1..


    From what I have observed,
    The "IFI Gemini Usb Cable" is actually redundant(!)...
    as the "IFI - MICRO iUSB POWER SUPPLY" does the same thing(removing usb power),
    While also replacing it with a separate power supply that they like to give special hyperbole descriptive names to...

    To state that both solutions sound better together, means the one is not doing its job of isolating the source usb power, as that is the only thing they perform in common.

    So if you like to have a clean USB,
    Do you need to get BOTH the wire AND the power supply?..
    For $200 each? (!)...

    Why do that?..
    Why spend about $400? For both??...

    When you have an actual BETTER solution for just $100..!!!

    What's the schiit I state?
    From schiit is arguably BETTER than BOTH (!)...
    Not only does it separate and add it's own power supply to the line,
    But ALSO has a USB repeater to "regenerate" the digital signal :wink:

    ALSO you can use your own preferred USB cables instead of some forced use of a "Gemini Cable"....

    Will common sense prevail?
    Up to you!
  13. Smarty-pants

    Oh yes of course, balanced definitely sounds better in most cases.

    I don't think bigger/taller feet would matter. It is a CLASS A amp which will always run very warm when used normally.
    This isn't detrimental to the unit, but the unit is also designed to dissipate heat. Not just from the vents, but it uses the whole chassis,
    sort of like "heatsinks" do. The only thing that could make is cooler is the use of a fan, but that introduces noise so Oppo decided against that.
  14. SpudHarris Contributor
    I can assure you it makes a difference. Not so much the Gemini Cable but the iUSB. I didn't buy them together... When I heard the difference the iUSB made I bought the Gemini Cable to squeeze what ever additional benefit it could bring. I would say I heard a difference using the Gemini but realistically it was probably placebo, certainly not night and day. With the iUSB everything seems clearer and the background is pitch black.
  15. Maxx134
    I do believe you 100%
    As a pure power will not create problems with interference.
    But these problems of dirty power interference can also happen inside the cable.

    Also I have been reading up on why the usb cable would make a difference in real world conditions and it is not only interference but the high data volume from HD music which is susceptible to data corruption from overhead and bits with higher priority turning making a difference,
    so the need of good usb cable becomes important..

    Point is that everything digital looks perfect "on paper" but not in real world.
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