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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. gameon
    Is anybody using the Max upsampling on the Oppo which I believe goes to 32/384khz and if so what are your impressions of it? I guess most of the purist would use none??
    also are the occasional audio dropouts via usb connected to Mac due to the usb conncection and would the wyrd from schiit audio help this problem?
  2. JML
    Dropouts might be caused by the bus you're using.  If you have multiple USB buses on your computer, find the one that has the fewest connections.  For example, on a MacBook Pro retina, the right-side bus has only the card reader, while the left-side bus has the keyboard, trackpad, etc.  Reportedly, using the least-busy bus can yield the best audio results.   If you have an external hub, make sure it's powered sufficiently to deal with the AC demands of the connected peripherals.  
    Another possible problem I've read about comes from apps on your computer, such as backups, indexing, etc.  Try turning those off while listening (Audirvana has a SysOptimizer that can do this on a Mac).
  3. mrscotchguy

    I just recently acquired an old meier amp and started enjoying crossfeed. My ideal setup will be to pick the HA-1 and feed it to the Phonitor2. (This is way in the future, due to the high budget). As I save, maybe, just maybe a fully discrete, crossfeed capable Oppo unit will. Be released. :evil:

    In the mean time, anyone running bother the HA-1 and a Phonitor, please speak up!
  4. Peter_S

    Do you mean iTunes library stored on the idevice or wirelessly on a remote computer with iTunes installed? I'm having trouble understanding the value of playingusic off physical memory on an idevice if the available memory is so limited.
  5. Badas

    That was very well written and explained. :)

    Yes coming from a HT background. I am very use to room EQ correction. So we naturally don't fret about EQ.

    I think I will experiment with a bit of booth. Equipment and EQ.
    I do plan to pick up darker HP's (LCD2.2) then eventually feed the DAC signal from the HA1 into a WA7 firefly. This should darken the sound a bit.

    At the moment tho I am enjoying what EQ is doing to my overly bright HP's.

    I have been feeling guilty going off topic. I have appreciated the advice and will try and stay on topic and talk about the marvellous HA-1. :wink:
  6. topgunsphd
    I have been listening to the ha1 with hd800 (oem se cable, high gain) and found the sound bright. I noticed some edginess too. Will going balanced help relsove the brightness or edginess? Heard the same through alpha dog se cable too. Setup is surface pro 3> jriver> usb> ha1.
  7. aamefford
    iTunes library on the device.  I have a 64gb iPhone, which holds more than enough ALAC music for my needs at any one time, with room left over for the little bit of high res. music I have at the moment.  I don't *think* the Onkyo app does streaming from a remote library.
    I'd say check it out.  The app is free.  If you want to use the HD portion (flac and others, 24/96) it will cost $9.99 .  I seldom pay for apps or in app purchases, (Cheap bxxxtxxd…) but this one was worth it to me.  YMMV, IMHO, BFD, BMF, BMOC, CMFIC, etc...
  8. kawaivpc1
    so how does this unit sound to you guys?? is it better than HM 901 or AK240??
    I really wish I can you guys' opinion.
  9. aamefford
    Never mind.
  10. gotoma8
    how many hours do you have on the HA-1? I am in the same boat as you but after about40 hours the HA-1 /HD800 combo is sounding better... However I am on low gain....and it's fine for me.
  11. topgunsphd

    I have over 120 hours on the ha1. I have tried low gain but it wasn't loud enough for me. At high gain I'm at the 9-12 o'clock range depending on the track.
  12. Uniquexme
    Need some help here on what type of cable material to use (Copper or Silver or hybrid) if i were to connect HA-1 as preamp out to balanced amp like say Woo WA22 or Schiit Mjolnir? Would it be still possible to use the remote control of HA1 to control volume? or when preamp out the volume master control is with the amp we connect? 
    Anyone tried using ifi Gemini USB cable that splits USB Type B into 2 Type A (1 for audio and 1 for power)? is there a significant improvement over SQ if use this kind of cable? 
    Anyone from Singapore knows where to get HA1 as was told the waiting list is pretty long.
    Thanks in advance. 
  13. SpudHarris Contributor
    Using iFI iUSB performance is improved
  14. Uniquexme

    Thanks, so do u use it together with the dual head Gemini USB Cable?
  15. SpudHarris Contributor

    Not yet? Considering it though.

    Just using with the included usb... Improvement is clear even without Gemini
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