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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. mrscotchguy

    Awesome, thank you!
  2. Averruncus
    Which dealer is that? Didn't realise there was a Singaporean Oppo dealer [​IMG] 
  3. akhyar
    SLT Tech has been bringing-in Oppo's products to Singapore for the past 5-6 years already, from the DVD players, Blu-ray players to HA-1 and PM-1.
    Not sure about Oppo handphone's though [​IMG]
    Their authorised dealers include Song Brothers, E1 Personal Audio, Audio Iconic, etc
  4. HasturTheYellow
    Notice the markings on the back of the demo disc: OPPODigital.com.hk.

    This is something that was cooked up for the Asian market. It is likely not something that we will carry (or at least, not the selections they have) since the licensing is for that region (reference the two record labels in the lower right hand corner).
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
  6. Averruncus
    Oh thanks! I've actually bought from them before (Mad Dogs), but I didn't know if they're still in business because their website has been under construction for the longest time. Thanks for the info! You've probably saved me a lot of time/money as I was going to order directly from Oppo NA [​IMG]
  7. akhyar

    U'r welcome bro.
    Btw, the HA-1 is selling for S$1785 locally.
    Previously I auditioned the demo set at Song Bro and E1, not sure if the demo HA-1 is still in SG
    Averruncus likes this.
  8. Averruncus
    Sweet! That's pretty reasonable considering shipping + tax. I will probably get one when my next pay check comes in...
  9. marcusd
    Just got my silver on on Suday :) I must say I had the black on loan and its cool but silver is amazing in real life.

    mike7898 likes this.
  10. hikinokie
    Will the front usb port ever accept android?
  11. Frank I
    Oppo will be showing in DC July25-27 the HA-1 PM-1 and PM-2 at the CanMania
  12. Maxx134
    Interesting and great review (!)
    Except the extra comments on headphones at the end :p
  13. zilch0md
    I don't know what's on that promo disk distributed in Asia, but anyone can download these hi-res sample files made available by OPPO:
  14. mikeyatswb
    I'm also looking at the HA-1 for the TH-900's.  I'm concerned that the (nominal) 25 ohm impedance spec for the TH-900's falls below the recommended value of 30 ohm for the HA-1.  I read in a Benchmark article that running below the spec can possible degrade the performance of the amp or even damage it (depending on the amp).  I asked Oppo about this, and got the following prompt reply:
    "The HA-1 will work lower impedance headphones, but there is a higher chance that you will be able to hear errors such as the Noise-Floor being amplified due to too much power being sent to these headphones and the low resistance/impedance of the headphones. We have seen this with IEMs which are 12Ohm, and on very sensitive 32Ohm headphones.  Damage to the headphone amplifier will not occur, but you just might hear a low level amount of noise between music passages when using the Fostex to the HA-1."

    Are any of you hearing this "low level amount of noise" with this combo?  Would this be a bad combo for someone who likes/needs to listen at lower volume levels?  Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!
  15. Maxx134
    Wow nice pic!!

    I can try with the th600 once I get home later today. .
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