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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. HiFiAudio
    This is getting off topic, want to ask a opinion about the LCD3 with the Woo Audio ask it in the correct thread.  HA-1 is preferred here.
  2. Uniquexme
    arg... pardon me for that. 
  3. Uniquexme
    U have your point too. maybe i shall stick to HA-1. my mind keeps thinking of amp!!
  4. HiFiAudio
    If you want any spec of the HA-1 explained, ask away.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    Now I've had the chance to try the HA-1 in a few scenarios, such as a HP amp and pre-amp with the in-built DAC and external DACs, here are my thoughts:
    The HA-1 is about spot-on for value. It isn't the most resolving DAC or amp compared to, say, my Master 7 or Hugo. I was talking to anakchan about it and the word he used was "polite" which I tend to agree with. I've had mixed results with ES9018-based DACs and the HA-1 is one of the better ones, not having the flatness to the sound poorer implementations have. Comparing the inbuilt DAC to the Master 7 using the inbuilt amp rather than an external amp or speakers, the greater resolution of the Master 7 was less apparent. In the same manner, the Hugo as a DAC/amp was more resolving with the HD-800s or LCD-X/XC, as well as Oppo's PM-1s.
    Functionality-wise it is mostly well thought-out, my only gripe is that the mute switch is only on the remote control and the volume control seems to lag at times and not have good "knob feel". Also, not something that would affect most people, but when I switched my system off from my Power Plant Premier with the HA-1 plugged in, it reset itself to direct line out mode and blasted my ears the next time I tried to play music through my speakers.
    IMO the HA-1 with a pair of PM-1s or other planars and a pair of Emotiva active speakers would make for a good-value home entertainment system along with whatever sources one prefers. 
  6. Frank I
    Well said Amos and I agree as I have been living with the HA-1 and been using the Hugo as the main amp system. The HA-1 for 1200.00 represent excellent value and is less than half of my hugo-ak240 combo. It does represent value with build quality and sound excellent for the price and what you get. Oppo builds terrific stuff and is really a high value proposition.
  7. Maxx134
    I would have assumed U use the Hugo as dac and ha-1 as amp. (?)
  8. HiFiAudio

    The things some do to keep entertained. [​IMG] 
    Good example of auto decrease of volume when changing modes.
  9. Smarty-pants

    He doesn't seem very angry to me...
  10. Maxx134
    I see you have a silver one (?) In your avatar.
    The black version brushed face glistens with shine.
    Just excellent build quality. .
  11. Smarty-pants

    That's not mine, but a pic from the net.
    I am waiting on the silver one to come in stock though. :wink:
  12. Maxx134
    At first I thought I would miss that special separate click sound the
    GS-X MKII volume made when I first tried it..

    But the HA-1 volume is so smooth and solid that I now much prefer it to any click volume knob.
    Being motorized is a HUGE plus as well :)

    I do think it is a bit "thick" when manually turning though,
    But that feel makes it seem more solid to me..
  13. Frank I
    Right now I been using the Oppo as a stand alone becaus eit is a review sample. I will try it with the Hugo when I am going through all the review stagesbut right now most people will be using the HA-1 with the internal sabre dacs so i been listening to it as deisgned but will use all the features and use the Hugo. The Hugo dac is a major step up.
  14. olegausany
    It better be for the twice the price
  15. jonstatt
    You would think so but like I said earlier, audiophile technology pricing is a fickle thing which is more of "what can we get away with charging" rather than representative R&D+production costs etc with a normal profit margin. Oppo do this a lot less than some other manufacturers, partly because they hit the mid audiophile point and sell in considerable quantities. They stake their reputation on good value and good quality, rather than just good quality. The fact is, that many will say and believe the Hugo DAC is better simply because it is more expensive. In reality, it may be no better or only every so slightly better. For example I have compared an Audiolab M-DAC with a Benchmark DAC 2 which is much more expensive (almost 3 times the cost), and while I can hear little differences, I cannot say one is better than the other.
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