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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Hooster
    Really? Not amplified?
    From the manual:
    "The HA-1 offers both RCA and XLR Balanced
    jacks. The output level is controlled by the
    Volume Knob or remote. The output is not muted when a pair of
    headphones is plugged in. It is muted when the remote
    MUTE button is pressed"
  2. HasturTheYellow
    That is not amplification. That is just standard analog voltage required to get an audio signal from the HA-1 to the amplification equipment. It is not like speaker terminals or the headphone amplifier which actually has an appreciable signal amplification.
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  3. Hooster
    Thank you.
  4. hikinokie
    So aside for more power the HA-1 sounds pretty much like the headphone amp in the 105?
  5. Smarty-pants
    ^ Since the hardware is a little different and different build path, the HP amp in the HA-1 will rival the HP amp in the 105.
    The HP amp in the 105 is still very good, but the HA-1 is a cut above for sound quality.
    You also have a lot more customizable features in the HA-1, including analog inputs and the ability to decode DSD256, among others.
  6. Maxx134
    I love this amp and am fairly convinced this HA-1 is last stop for a long while with me climbing the equipment ladder because of the excellent dac/amp performance.

    Looks like you need to spend at least double the amount and over to beat it..

    Most other top dac/amp solutions, (Benchmark DAC2-HGC, MyTek, Dangerous Source, Grace m920)
    Provide more features than you need,
    Yet none of those have XLR headphone out and all have much weaker amplifier stage than the HA-1...

    Most smaller compact units cannot hide their power inferiority to the HA-1 with their fancy features and big price tags...

    Here is a list of only a few drawbacks from other solutions I was able to read about and do quick search on. .

    hissing on iem is audible on hd800
    Less revealing than both the hilo and dac2.
    No XLR headphone out

    Less power than HA-1.
    Hissing with iems is audible on hd800
    No XLR headphone out

    Benchmark DAC2-HGC :
    Quite on iem but
    Headphone current limit at 300 ma per channel. .
    From searches looks like a 400mw amp section.
    No XLR headphone out

    Audio-gd NFB-27 & 28:
    Low power at higher impedance ; down to 600 mw at 600ohm

    Audio-gd Compass 2:
    Less power than NFB-27&28
    No XLR headphone out

    Burson Conductor:
    No XLR headphone out
    Burnson amp only = 1w

    Fostex HP-A8C:
    lower power .
    Max Output:    700mW (32-ohm loaded)
    No XLR headphone out

    Amp only, not class A, and not as resolving.

    I haven't even touch the functionality/convenience and abilities of other formats like DSD.

    Almost no other solution is like the HA-1,
    and only Audio-gd comes close.

    So Sadly, or happily, depending how you look at it,
    I see little to no competition here (!)
  7. Uniquexme
    Does LCD3 works well with this HA-1? It will be my 1st purchase for Headphone Amp and Headphone, seen the review of the Flagship LCD3 and is very interested. Wonder if PM1 come close to LCD3.. 
  8. olegausany
    I don't think so cause PM-1's treble not as airy or sparkling
  9. Maxx134
    LCD 3 can sound truly amazing.
    I never felt that way with pm1.
  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    Should be an excellent pairing, especially if using the balanced cable with the LCD-3. Pretty damn good for a first headphone and amp/DAC! :D
  11. Uniquexme
    U make my day, so it shall be LCD3 with HA-1!!! thank you guys. 
  12. Uniquexme
    May i also ask which model of Audeze is the latest? can't seem to find the timeframe of when the LCD-X, LCD-XC, LCD2 & LCD3 is launched.
  13. Jimmyf1312

    I wanna say the XC was launched a little bit after the X
  14. Uniquexme
    Lets say in the near future i want a balanced tube amp to drive LCD3, would the Woo Audio WA-22 a good combo? I never own or hear tube amp ever, so maybe i would like to have a high end one. But it seems that Woo Audio products are hard to get in Malaysia. I also read the review on Alo Studio 6, but too bad it isn't balanced amp. 
    Would someone be kind enough to guide me on how to read the amp spec? normally what are the figures that you guys are looking for in Headphone amp? 
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Pan Am amp pairs well with the Audeze lineup. Keep in mind the Pan Am gives more options to play with the sound by trying different tubes, but this alone can get out of control expensive. Some tubes also may not have a good synergy with the LCD-3. Also, the DAC in the Pan Am is good but nothing special IMO.

    At the end of the day I prefer my HA-1.
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