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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. MRC001
    Such refreshing honesty. If a device really does sound or measure differently with a different power cable, it probably has a poorly designed or defective power supply. A well engineered power supply is robust and filtered so that it isolates the device from typical power line variations. So long as the power cable is thick enough to pass the current the device needs with minimal resistance and heat, and grounding is properly wired, it should make no difference.
    Think of all the cables the power travels though before reaching your wall socket. Miles of high voltage lines, transformers, etc. None of it is fancy audiophile cabling, it is simple copper wire sized for the application and properly grounded. Then after traveling through miles of all this stuff, somehow the last 12 inches of wire before it reaches the device makes a difference? It would be an understatement to say that is implausible.
  2. Canadian411
    totally agreed with you. I used to spend $1000s on cables, interconnects etc from Alo Audio, plus sounds etc and never made any differences in the sound. This can be just me, maybe my ears are not as you guys here.

    I just don't believe expensive cables, and I am not going to say anymore before the moderator gives me a warning. :wink:

    Anyways, HA1 is well built, no need to spend extra money on the power cable, if you have money then upgrade the amp instead of cables ^^
  3. michaellynn
    Oppo have just updated their IOS Oppo HA-1 Bluetooth Control app and made it IOS 11 compatible. The update is available in the IOS app store now.
  4. Hooster
    As far as your component is concerned the power cable that is connected to it is the first it sees and the most important. Recently Furutech has lent a power chord, speaker cable and interconnect to reviewers for evaluation. The reviewers have consistently reported that the power chord is the cable that most affects the sound quality. Yes, more than speaker cables and interconnects.


    " In other words, when comparing for example files made when the stock 18-gauge power cord was connected the DUT versus the 14-gauge power cord, the results show significant information did not null out. This is true for all pairings. The null test differences range from 10dB to 20dB! These results confirm that each power cord has a distinct and undeniable impact upon the performance of the connected component. Still skeptical? Download the files and perform the null test yourself."

  5. Hooster
    Ummm.... really? As far as I am concerned the Mojo is a step up from them HA-1. Not a big step, but a step nonetheless. I also feel it sounds warmer and more musical. The HA-1 may be a bit more precise if you like but I feel that comes at the expense of musicality. How would I know this? I have owned a Mojo for many months and a HA-1 for a couple of years.

    I strongly disagree that it takes a revealing headphone to hear differences. The sonic signature of these products is obviously different.
  6. youngarthur
    I had mojo for a week,and spent every day comparing against my HA1, and I preferred the HA1, better sound stage depth, and seemed to be a better separation of instruments,just as musical, so for me its the HA1, but remember my ears are 77 years old.
  7. Hooster
    I am not surprised at all. In my opinion the HA-1 is better than the the Mojo in some ways. In the end it just boils down to personal taste. It is easy to understand why you would prefer the HA-1.
  8. MRC001
    I thought better of replying to this, but I will anyway. The sites you referenced constitute the epitome of masterfully deployed sophism. Show that site to any electrical engineer and he'll either groan or ROFLMAO.

    Their test is a great idea, but I don't trust their sound samples because they have overpriced power cords to sell. But almost anyone can do this test himself. All it takes is a professional audio recorder. I've done this and found that alternative power cables make no difference whatsoever. I would be happy to post audio files (let me know and I will), but rather than trust me, interested readers should try it themselves.

    To be clear, one can find an amplifier or other audio component with such a poorly designed or defective power supply that it can't filter typical line noise. Unfortunately, such devices are not as rare as they should be in high-end audio. And you may find that using these boutique power cords makes a measurable difference on such a device. It's a thin chance, but possible. But the power cord makes absolutely no difference at all on a device with a well engineered and built power supply, which fortunately make up the majority of audio components.
  9. Hooster
    You can base your opinions on dogma, or what you hear with your own ears. At the end of the day it is up to you.
  10. MRC001
    There we agree. A good A/B/X test cuts through the theory and dogma. You hear a difference, or you don't.
  11. Here2rock
    Does anybody has views on or chance to compare between HA-1 and Audeze Deckard? I am having difficult time to choose between the two, I will be using with Audeze LCD-2.
  12. MRC001
    The HA-1 is a fantastic amp and pairs well with the LCD-2, and also has a great DAC and line outputs both balanced and unbalanced. I've had mine for 2-3 years with no plans to replace it.
    Hooster likes this.
  13. Here2rock
    That confirms my reviews and auditioning of the HA-1, any feedback on Audeze Deckard (no opportunity to audition it as yet but can get one very cheap)? HA-1 has a lot more features but a lot bigger chassis but don't want to compromise on quality of sound.
  14. Hooster
    Get the Oppo udp-205. You will not be sorry.
  15. Here2rock
    Only if it was an amp/dac combo.
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