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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. MRC001
    I've had an HA-1 for over a year and use it to drive both my headphones and power amp to speakers. By default, the mute button mutes all outputs. You can configure it to mute only the line out, not the headphones. I don't know any way to make the HA-1 switch between headphones only, and line outs only.
    I simply unplug my headphones when listening to the speakers.
  2. polecrab

    As you mentioned, you can set the mute button to mute only pre-outs, but I haven't found a way to play speakers while muting headphones. I just unplug my headphones. You can even just leave them plugged in and have them play, unless you're concerned about wearing out the drivers. The amp isn't getting any extra wear and tear from doing that since it's always active whether or not you have any headphones plugged in.
  3. MozartMan1201

    I am having the same problem with my Oppo 105D also. It's connected to an AVR via analog and I cannot get sound on the AVR unless I unplug the headphone from Oppo's headphone jack. I hear plugging/unplugging the headphone too frequently is bad so I don't like doing that.
  4. i20bot
    I just bought some white LSR305 on Musiciansfriend's daily deal for $99 each.  Haven't received them yet but can't wait to pair them up with the HA-1.  I have some Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 on it now which I bought back in 2001 lol.  Actually kinda content with them for desktop use but I've been itching for something new.  But yeah, only thing you can do is mute the preouts while your headphone is always running if plugged in.  It works though.  You don't have to disconnect anything.
  5. polecrab

    I didn't know that. In what way is it bad?
  6. MozartMan1201

    It's the old 'wear and tear' argument. I'm not sure?? But I'd rather err on the safe side.
  7. gPope
    I never unplug my headphones even when I am listening to line out.  Doesn't seem to hurt the cans by leaving them plugged-in.
  8. polecrab
    Regarding wear and tear, if you keep activating a switch to mute an output, you wear out that switch. If you keep your headphone plugged in all the time, you wear out the drivers. If I had to wear something out, I would choose to wear out my cable plug, since that's the cheapest and easiest thing to replace. Also, I use my headphone with lots of different sources.
  9. MozartMan1201

    Can you wear out a headphone jack?
  10. polecrab
    I've never worn out a headphone jack per se, but I've had 1/4" jacks on guitar amps start getting loose and flaky. But guitar amp jacks get way more use and abuse than home headphone amp jacks, and also I bet those jacks were more cheaply made originally than the one on the HA-1. If you're worried about it, you could plug an adapter or short extension cable into the HA-1 so you can wear that out instead. But I think products are meant to be used, and plugging and unplugging headphones every time you want to use them is well within normal usage.
  11. Allanmarcus
    All this talk of wearing out a pointy thing being inserted into a hole has me worried about things way more precious than a headphone plug!

    Discman634 likes this.
  12. MozartMan1201

    Friction cannot be all good.
  13. frodeni
    Sure, it is possible to disconnect the power amp, by using the mute feature. That all sounds great, until you realize that the output is physically disconnected. My power amp is left humming through the speakers, as there is serious grounding and shielding issues with the Oppo HA-1, when muting the power amp for the non-balanced output.

    My solution is to use the power switch on the power amp. Also, the speakers get an insane amount of power from some cheap second hand Rotel amp. They simply play so loud at any given volume setting, effectively muting the headphones. There is at least 40db a difference between the speakers and the headphones, which really is a lesser issue, with the crappy acoustics of the room this gear is used in.

    The HA-1 is designed to be primarily be a headphone DAC and amp. That is the reasoning behind the design choice. As for a unbalanced power amp, the muting feature clearly is plagued by a design flaw. It should have been shorted with a resistor, not just disconnected, when muted. It is a headache machine. Users with the humming barely noticeable, might feel some real discomfort, but might struggle to realize what is driving them nuts.
  14. polecrab
    I haven't noticed any humming in my situation. I turn off my amp anyway when not playing through them to save energy, but during the times when the output is muted and the amps are on, I've noticed no hum. However, I reduced the gain on my amp so I could turn the volume up to 12 o clock at my usual listening level. My speakers also have very low sensitivity. You must have a high gain/high sensitivity situation.
  15. Allanmarcus
    No hum here. I don't think it's an inherent issue with the HA-1. Might be your particular unit, cables, or set up.
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