Oppo HA-1 & Audeze EL-8 on the way. Suggestions for a half-width CD player / transport
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Sep 22, 2015
Hi there. New to the forum and headphones in general. I've had B&W P5s (1st gen) for several years but mainly for travel and not as my main source of listening to music.
Home set up is more aimed at home theater including NAD T747, Oppo BDP-103 Darbee, Samsung TV, B&W mains and Energy surrounds. Office is a dedicated 2 channel set up with Paradigm speakers, NAD 356 BEE amp and C546 BEE CD Player.
So after quite a bit of research and not having any way of testing out equipment, I bit the bullet recently and ordered Audeze EL-8 closed backs and the HA-1 from Oppo. Should have them both by the end of the week I hope. 
The last piece of the puzzle is to find a CD player or transport I could pair with the half width HA-1. I've seen the Rega Apollo and several older TEACs which would fit the bill, but wanted to hear from the experts. Thanks!
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Any particular reason it has to be a cd transport? can it be a media server or a PC as well? Or do you specifically want a cd player?
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Originally Posted by Sushiyama /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I suppose not. I just want to ensure the highest possible source material and I don't want to take up my entire MacBook Pro with ALAC files!

You can get an Android MiniPC or an Intel/Windows NUC (or a MacMini), and set it up as a Headless Audio Server with a tablet as an interface. After the initial set-up you won't need the monitor and keyboard+mouse.
Otherwise you can get something like the Aune S1 - it's a dedicated streamer so the set-up isn't as complicated. Hook it up via LAN, install the remote app, make sure you have an HDD server hooked up via LAN (or a USB HDD on the S1).
If you really want to go with a CDP Little Dot and Pro-Ject have some that are just a bit wider than the transport unit.
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A 2TB HDD is dirt cheap these days, and a software player is much better than a CD transport IMHO.
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