opinons on power conditioners and regenerators ?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by john2e, Jan 14, 2017.
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  1. bigshot
    I'd suggest you listen to classical music instead. That will solve all of your problems.
  2. ScareDe2
  3. pinnahertz
    Happen to take note of the second paragraph?
  4. Strangelove424
    My computer has an uninterrupted power supply, which also regulates the voltage. I tried plugging my audio system into it one day to see if supposedly cleaner power would help anything. Didn't notice a lick of difference. In either a over-amped silent signal looking for noise, or with music playing at normal volume. Didn't do squat, so I put the UPS back on the computer where it could actually do some good.
  5. westom
    Potection was cited (claimed) only subjectively. Subjective is the first indication of a lie or possible scam. Read its protection numbers. Effective protection must make hundreds of thousands of joules irrelevant. A UPS typically can only absorb a few hundreds joules. Near zero. And just enough to claim 100% surge protection in big letters. Do hundreds verses hundreds of thousands have relevance? Because effective protection can always answer this question. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules harmlessly dissipate.

    Yes a UPS has surge protection - from surges made irrelevant by what is already inside every household appliance. That hundred joule surge is converted by electronics into rock stable, low DC voltages to safely power semiconductors. That UPS claims to protect from something that is irrelevant. And does not claim to protect from anything that might damage electronics - and that UPS.

    UPS also does not clean electricity - as made obvious by its specification numbers.

    A UPS can be some of the 'dirtiest' power. No problems. That power, that is potentially harmful to motorized appliances and power strip protectors, is also ideal perfect for electronics. Due to the robust protection, filtering, galvanic isolation, and regulation that is routinely the design of a power supply. Those same circuits and other ones also make noise irrelevant.

    If it has protection, then that claim always comes with perspective - a number. No number is a first indication of an education only from hearsay, wild speculation, advertising, junk science reasoning, subjective assumptions, or color glossy sales brochures. Only place they cannot lie is in numeric specifications. Honest recommendations always say why by citing a relevant number.
  6. ScareDe2
    I received the Furman yesterday and could not find any improvement with it.

    But now that I use the AKG k812 as my main headphone, I can find a noise when I crank the lyr2 to max level on high output. There is a slight hissing noise that start right after I power on my computer when the windows logo is glowing.

    Please help.
  7. bigshot
    Are you listening to music at max level on high output or are you just cranking the volume to try to hear the noise floor of your system? If you can't hear the hiss at normal listening levels, don't worry about it.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  8. ScareDe2
    Of course not. I would be deaf and my headphones broken. I rarely listen pass 9 o'clock on high output. Yes it is to hear the noise floor. I crank it and lower it before the windows first sound. I am always scared to do it :) the adrenaline

    It is my belief that even if you can't hear the noise floor at normal volume it still infects the sound when the music is playing. If the noise is there the noise is there. I want to get rid of it and I think it will improve the SQ.
  9. bigshot
    Every piece of equipment has a noise floor and if you turn up the volume loud enough, you'll find it.

    OCD is very annoying to have to live with I suppose.
  10. ScareDe2
    Life with music is all what matters.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  11. westom
    Music as in the lyrics? Or music as in orchestration? I do not like it when the fat lady signs - with or without noise.
  12. ScareDe2
    I listen mostly to rock so I don't have that problem :)
  13. gregorio
    "Quality" is a subject relative judgement. How can you make a judgement of something improving sound quality if you can't hear that something?

  14. ScareDe2
    It is the only correlation I have find. As I upgrade my system that noise floor is quieter and the sound quality is better.
    Before I got an ebtech humX, change my hdd to an ssd and upgrade my DAC to the next input generation, there were all sort of noises - popcorn, hiss and hum. Now it is all gone except a very light hum and a hiss but it is like 80% quieter than before and now I have a better HP to listen to that noise floor. So I assume that if it is even more quiet the SQ will be improved further.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  15. bigshot
    You've reduced the noise floor to the point that it's far beyond your threshold of hearing. Reducing it further isn't going to make anything sound any better. If you want to improve sound quality, you should focus on things you can hear, not things you can't. I'm sure there are plenty of things you could do to improve the sound quality of your system. Struggling to improve sound you can't hear is a complete waste of time and money. It's a rabbit hole to chase down that gets you nowhere. There are plenty of ways to improve sound quality that actually make a difference. Focus on those.
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