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Opinions sought, My rebuttal to critics in Sound Science

  1. skwoodwiva
    I was blocked by members reports to
    Butt hurt? Only a little.
    Integrity slighted, majorly!

    Yet my part was always sound scrutiny with science in mind, yet listening experience to me trumps science when the two are at odds.

    This op is all about where science and audiophile scrutiny meet.
    Relevant posts from blocked thread

    Showing a members claim is counter to all known audiophile norms

    My confession used against me.
    And my correction to a sound hypothesis!!!

    My rash, not sufficiently narrowed conjecture. Yet true in part.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  2. nordkapp
    You are threatening belief systems. That's a no no. Insecurity is usually exhibited by overly inflated egos here.
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  3. skwoodwiva
    ******** devil am I?
  4. nordkapp
    No. That is a very rigid group there-best to just leave them alone.
  5. skwoodwiva
    Thank you
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  6. Glmoneydawg
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  7. skwoodwiva
    I was careful to say essentially what BigShot was doing, just showing off equipment. This one https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-concept-in-improving-audio-quality.876044/page-2#post-14155142

    I never realized fone's methods were actually evidence in my favor.

    Also the notice above the DIY cable forum, banning science guys.
    I will let them be, to a point. But outrageous non supported claims? Will get the same from me, just ever so polite or at least equal to theirs.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018

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