Opinions of the new FSOL Style
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Feb 10, 2004
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I wanted to get a consensus on what people think of Future Sound of London's new style. The reviews are highly polarized, some people really love it, and some people really hate it. The CDs I'm talking about are ELO/Pink Floyd style Amorphous Androgenous - The Isness, The Otherness, The Mellow Hippo Disco Show, and The Isness/Otherness otherwise known as "Presents Amorphous". The people that don't care for it feel that the psychadelic feel of the new albums is too 60s/70s for people who like electronica, but I beg to differ. I think the new CDs are fantastic, and much better than that which came before it.
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Apr 26, 2004
I got The Isness a while back at a used record store, and I have to say it's veeery different from past FSOL hehe. I have ISDN, Dead Cities, Lifeforms, and maybe some other cds by them, and was caught totally off guard when i opped The Isness into my player. It wasn't a bad surprise though, I thought the feel was very trippy and mellow. Kinda reminded me of some chemical brothers songs, only with even less electronic influence. I understand something like this probably angered a lot of hardcore FSOL fans, but I thought it was pretty good, though definitely different. I don't think I could really pick out any remnants of "classic" FSOL in this new album.

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