Opinions needed on my broken IEM situation
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Jan 29, 2005
So I've had my UE Super.FI 5EB for about 2 years. A month ago I guess the glue, or whatever agent that is used to keep the enclosure to the right monitor has come loose. Anyway i just shoved it back in and it clicked and everything was fine.

Recently, while my IEMs were in my pocket(i've done this throughout my 2 years with no problems) the enclosure popped back out and one of the mini wires got torn from its connection. The wires are so small and the other wire is intact which makes soldering the connection back extremely difficult.

I contacted Tarah at UE to see if I could just send it in to have it fixed. She instead has responded with an offer to buy new monitors at half price. I can buy any of the universal fits up to the triple.fi. Long term(who knows when) I want to sell off everything and buy JH-13.

Since UE doesnt' seem to want to fix, are there any services out there that specialize in soldering small electronics? You woudln't be able to use your fingers to hold anything in place. Area is very tight, wires very smalll.

Am i just SOL'ed with my IEMs and have to just buy something new?
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Aug 3, 2008
Have you been keeping up with the custom reshell threads? If not, you can send them to a company in Florida that will take the drivers, etc. out of the SF5 and rebuild them in a custom shell for $80 (plus shipping). You just gotta send them the SF5s and your ear impressions. If you haven't heard about it, look for the Fisher Hearing thread.

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