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Opinions for choosing between the Fiio e10 or Fiio e7

  1. christianabiera
    I'm very new to the audiophile scene and I'm very interested in learning new things as well as acquiring good equipment. Currently, I'm constantly using my Audio Technica ath-sj55. they aren't the best, but they deliver amazing sounds for it's price ($60-70) and I can't help but feel that I can get more out of it if I had better equipment. And recently, I found out about portable pocket amps and DAC's. I was wondering if you guys could help me out in picking between these two.
    The Fiio e10 first caught my eye/ear because most of the time, I'm on my computer doing work while listening through my discontinued Altec Lansing 121i. They aren't the best, but they've grown onto me and I've been using these for around 5 years now.
    Then the e7 splattered itself onto me made me realize that I can get a DAC AND a pocket amp at once. I'm a little bit hesitant with this one because DAC wise, it isn't as good as the e10, but I'm quite interested with the amp aspect despite it's size. I'm using my smartphone as of now (Samsung galaxy y, terrible sound output), for my music, but I'm planning on getting a Zune HD or an iPod classic in the near future.
    When I'm out and about, which is very often, the headphones are constantly on my head and I'm always bothered by the small static I get when listening to music with more toned down attitudes such as explosions in the sky, or sigur ros and the like, and thus me wanting to get a pocket amp since I got to try a friend's cMoy:BB pocket amp.
    So, help??
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Check out the new Fiio E07K.

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