Opinion for some IEM's that would fit my needs.
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May 17, 2019
Hey guys!

Looking for suggestions for some IEMs that would fit my needs.

So I decided to buy the new walkman nw-a55. Before, I used to listen music from my smartphone/ipod using the SoundMagic E10C. Nothing too serious.

Now I am looking for some good IEMs (<200$) that I can use with the walkman but also in my computer/phone. I wanted something that I could use in my daily life. I listen every genre of music: classic, pop, metal,etc...But prefer classic, indie rock and new age (engima, vangelis, enya...).

What I'm looking for: IEM but not like over the ear (e.g. shure type). Microphone would be great as well as volume control. It would be great also to have "anti-tangle" kind of cord.

These last days I have been looking at what I could find (I didn't and still don't understand a lot of this business). And so far the best I could find were the SoundMagic E11C which is kind ironic since it is well below my budget. These were some options I found:

- Final E4000 (from the reviews here it does not offer a very fit seal)
- Meze 12 Classics (wooden housing is not my type)
- Etymotic ER3SE (goes too deep inside the ear)
- Tin HiFi T3 (white cable....)
- Sony XBA-N1AP (not that many reviews)

Thanks in advance.

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