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Opening a high end headphone store in Birmingham, MI

  1. Jimmyf1312
    Hello head-fi, I am reaching out to you today for advice. I've been thinking of opening a high-end headphone and headphone amp store in downtown Birmingham, Michigan for a long time and I want some feedback from the community. (because that's obviously the most important thing)  I would want to hear from you guy's if you would be on board with this idea and dream of mine. I am pretty new to the community and would really appreciate any feedback! The main idea would be: A store that catered to audiophiles and non-audiophiles I would carry everything from v-moda to Audeze to Stax. So I would have a showroom where each high-end head phone would be paired with their own amp/dac and people from all over would be welcome to come in and try out music of movies in my store. I would also consider doing head-fi meets in south east Michigan. So let me know if this is a good idea for the community thanks!
  2. deciBel23
    A headphone store is an amazing thing if executed right, just look at HeadRoom's shop that just opened recently in Bozeman, MT. Obviously opening a store like this is going to be a huge undertaking, with so many variables to consider. I think the hardest part will probably be setting up deals with the manufacturers to get the units to sell and become a verified dealer.
    Best of luck to you. The US really is in desperate need of more hi-fi stores that take headphones seriously.
  3. Jimmyf1312
    Yeah it will be a very big undertaking. It's in a very high end area so I'm not too worried about theft but what I really am trying to figure out is if I can turn a profit because it's extremely expensive to open a store there. The real reason to open it would be because of my passion and keeping it running would be hard. Thanks for the feedback
  4. shultzee
    If you are committed and its your passion then it should be a success.  Best of luck if you choose to proceed !!
  5. Jimmyf1312
    Ok so knowing it's going to be for the most part a pain to become a dealer for companies like Akg, sennheiser, oppo, audeze- etc. I'm still going to try because I've never been in a store around here that does hi-fi in a showroom like I would with amps setup and also I really think the head-fi community would be a huge help.
  6. Music Alchemist
    I'll visit your grand opening! Just contact me in advance when the time comes.
    In the meantime, it would be a good idea to own other businesses, if possible, in order to more easily fund your shop. Or you could always resort to crowdfunding. Brick and mortar businesses are vastly more difficult to launch and operate than, say, online ones.
    You will need to network with your target players in the industry and develop a trusting relationship with them. Some will give you a standard distribution deal, but don't be surprised if others negotiate terms that are less than ideal. Profit margins for high-end audio are often very low, after all...and on top of a myriad of other issues, you will have to compete with established dealers.
    Think this through carefully, that's all I can say.
  7. chadbang
    Boy, is that cool. How I wish something like this was around ten years ago! Is this the end of Headfi meets? To the OP. If this is really your dream, I'd consider a move to Ann Arbor. Having a university population nearby (and a huge one) would probably increase your sales ten fold. Wikipedia says Birmingham has a population of 20,000. I think you need a bigger population, preferable a young one.

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