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Open, (trans)portable, and comfortable? (and oh yea, GOOD.)

  1. Hanafuda
    Wouldn't have to be a strictly-intended 'portable' headphone, but I need something that is rugged and packable for to/from work everyday, some business trips and etc. Like in a courier bag or small backpack.

    And, needs to be open design. (got a closed portable already)

    And, needs to be way comfy.

    And, needs to be at least a lateral move in SQ from my ATH-ES7. An upgrade from the ES7 would be preferred. (doesn't have to sound the same though)

    Would prefer circumaural.

    Yeah, I know I'm being picky.

    Best thing I'm finding to match my conditions is the HD238. It's not circumaural, but it is supposed to be comfy at least. I know Grado is a kinda/sorta for this, but I really want all-day wearability. I'll leave it to the replies to duke that issue out, as I haven't any experience with 'em.

    Other suggestions? This would be using a portable amp (PPAS) so no worries there.

    edit: not concerned about price limits, but being realistic let's say $300 tops.
  2. dweaver
    Not that there is alot of reviews on this yet, but I think considering you like the ES7 how about the ATH-EP700. Other than this ATH I have been considering the HD238 like yourself.
  3. Hanafuda
    EP700. Now that is interesting. Didn't even know those existed. They definitely meet my conditions, or at least do for the most part. Thanks for the tip, dweaver! Although, honestly, I'm not sure I can favor them over the hd238 simply due to my curiosity to try a different flavor, if you know what I mean. I'm gonna look into a little more detail on the E700 though ... curious.
  4. ZARIM
    Ulrasone HFI 2200, Pro 2500 and ATH-ESW10.........
  5. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by ZARIM /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Ulrasone HFI 2200, Pro 2500 and ATH-ESW10.........

    Isn't the ESW10 a closed design?

    as for the Ultrasone, yeah I started out looking at them. Can't get myself to take em very seriously though ... maybe I'd like the 900 Pro if I were after a closed design, but with the hd650, dt880, and K702 running in the same price range, I have a hard time looking at Ultrasone's open designs. Maybe an unfair prejudice, but there ya go.
  6. mythless
    GMP 435S
  7. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by mythless /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    GMP 435S

    hmmm ... that's interesting. thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to do a little research. How do I obtain GMP phones in the States, though? (no knowledge of these .. I was away from here for a while and got active again recently and see GMP mentioned all the time now, but they're not officially sold in the US are they?)
  8. dweaver
    Be a hero and try them darn EP700 and post a review LOL, heck if you contact the company and let them know your going to review the headphone maybe they give you a deal! [​IMG]
  9. priest Contributor
    How about the DT 440?
  10. intoflatlines
    I can wear my SR225 (bowls) all day with no problems. I do have small ears, which makes them fully circumaural though. Lots of people find Grados very comfortable but it depends on your ear size, pads used, and personal preference of course.
  11. njackson
    I bought the HD238 a few months back--the biggest thing I can clearly remember about them is they're very bass heavy. If it helps put them in perspective, they were noticeably bassier than even my A700's. Other than that, I don't really trust my memory enough to post a reliable review.

    Hope that helps at all.
  12. Bradan
    PX100, Koss Portapro, Koss KSC75. Haha.

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