Open or Closed $200USD
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Jan 29, 2015
I have $200USD to spend but I do not know which headphones to get, I will be plugging these directly into the computer with no amp or dac, however I may invest in a E10K down the road but all of these high end headphones e.g K/Q701 or MSR7 need amps to sound their best. I will mainly be listening to these at home and prefer them to be neutral i.e. good for all kinds of music.
So can you guys recommend me closed or open headphones that sound good without an amp and even better with one?  
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You should decide whether open suits you first. Open headphones provide better soundstage--a plus--but no isolation (leak sounds both ways).

For an open headphone, HD598 fits your budget and is easy to drive.
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I just got a pair of phillips fidelio x2's that sound pretty good.  Always wanted to try them since I heard good things and they recently went on sale on amazon so I grabbed a pair.  Slightly over the $200 budget right now for a new pair but a used pair should be right at the mark or if you have any amazon gift cards laying around like I did they were a good choice for right around $200.

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