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Open IEM, Not an earbud

  1. MrMan
    I asked this question maybe 3 years ago. I typed in search and most of the post were old. Has there been any new attempts at a completely open IEM. I need something that from a distance can't be seen as listening to audio and I need it open so I can hear everything around me.
  2. EagleWings
    Here are a couple of options:
    - Unique Melody ME1
    - Audeze iSine10, 20, LCD i4
    - IEMs with ADEL modules - Check out 64 Audio B-Stock and Empire Ears Adel IEMs. You should be able to find these IEMs, in used condition, for a good discount in the For Sale section of Head-Fi. An Adel IEM with a MAM module in the fully open position will get you what you need.
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  3. Masejoer
    Still haven't seen any more recent "discussion" than this thread - been searching once a month for what seems like eternity.

    While I like my iSines, looking for something smaller/lighter, open, and is an IEM. In my experience, inner-ear allows for less sound bleed for the same listening volume level, even over earbuds. Open allows me to hear people in the office. It's like having speakers playing at low volume in the room, without forcing everyone else to listen to the same thing.

    Anything a reasonable price (say <$600) that is a smaller IEM than these planar magnetic behemoths. The JVC FX700 isn't available anywhere, but I've still been watching online for some used ones. Doesn't seem any of their newer/higher model number iems are open.

    I'd say the ME1 is also too large for my wishes.
  4. Masejoer
    Dunu TITAN 1 looks promising, but I wish it had removable cables. TITAN 3 and 5 are much less vented.
  5. mashuto
    As much as I personally would not recommend IMR (due to the trinity fiasco), the IMR R1 has a tuning knob which essentially makes it semi open. The people that have it seem to really like it so that might be an option. Additionally, if you are just looking to be able to hear your surroundings a bit, you could get Radsone ES100 bluetooth device. It has a mode where it will mix outside sound into the sound mix specifically for that reason. It seems to work really nicely, has a lot of features and good codec support, and you can use any iems you want.
  6. pbui44
  7. Masejoer
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  8. SciOC
    The tfz tequila 1 is stated as semi open..... Would be another option if you like the goofy styling.
  9. Masejoer
  10. pbui44
    You never mentioned that you also had Sony MDR-EX1000, so you can exchange the defective ZSAs for a Simgot EN700 Bass, provided that you have the extra cash.
  11. Masejoer
    I have many IEMs, but the Sony aren't open; just poorly isolating. I have a few other sealed iems also with poor isolation, but they don't let enough sound in for office use.

    EN700 is a closed IEM? Still looking for something more open, but smaller than planars.
  12. pbui44
    The Simgot EM700 is open, not closed. Penon Audio used to have it listed, but not anymore, so you can get the Pro model (detachable cables) here:

  13. Masejoer
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  14. pbui44
  15. Masejoer
    Everything I've seen in the past about the FX850 is that they're vented, not open. For JVC, only the older FX700 was open. I could be wrong as I havne't heard them, but the general consensus is that they isolate about the same as poorly-isolating closed iems. Supposedly the FX850 isolate more than the Sennheiser IE80, which I also have.

    I have also tried the Dunu Titan 1 last week, and those isolate more than my ex1000.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018

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