Open headphones to compliment the ATH-M50X
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May 12, 2015
Currently I have some ath-m50x and really enjoy them. I'd like to get another set of headphones that are an open design that are a little less bass centric with clear mids and highs (vocals especially).

At the moment I don't have an amp, so they need to be relatively easy to drive with a mobile device. I may get an amp and/or dac at some point.

They need to be full size and comfortable. I'm not concerned with portability. I'd prefer a removable cable. I'd like to spend around $200.

If I had to buy them today, based on reviews my current choice would be the sennheiser hd598, but to be honest I have not listened to anything in this class and there are no stores in this area to try anything decent. I will likely buy from Amazon Canada or another Web store.

Any suggestions would be appreciated to help me narrow my choices, or open my eyes to other options. Thanks.

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