Open-Air Headphones for gaming cannot decide on one
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Sep 15, 2015
Hello everyone, currently I am looking for an open air headphone for gaming and did some research on Google (Just couldn't decide one) I don't have no sound card (on board only) but I do have an old Sony music system that I am using it as a soundcard and akg Q460 (I don't remember the name of the music system, I will provide its model number when I get back my country)
I don't want not adjustable headphones (medium head problems) and I can only efford 200$ or 180€ and right now I am in germany for 12 days.
The only competetive game that I am playing right now is CS:GO other than that I only play singleplayer games, a lot of singleplayer games and will be listening music and watching movies. Lets say %15 competetive %35 singleplayer %30 music and %20 movies/Tv series.
So far I got 3 models in the bag and they are: Beyerdynamic dt990 Pro, Sennheiser HD598 and Sony MDR-MA900. Couldn't try dt990 pro and MA900 but Sennheiser HD598 fits perfectly on my head and I liked its sound and also a dac or amp or soundcard will be bought in 3 months so I guess that is not an issue.
I can buy dt990 pro or HD598 right now but MA900 will cost me 250$ or so. If the price difference is worth it, will save some money for it.
The music styles that I like to listen: Rock, Techno, R&B, Metal etc so I like all, no specific style. Which model should I lean on and grab or any other recommendations? 
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+1 for the DT990 and HD598... also
• Sennheiser HD558 - it houses an identical driver to the HD598
• Philips SHP9500 - kind of a full-size Grado in sound, but with bass - also some people say you can mod these into giant-killers. I thought these sounded fabulous when I tried them out... not sure if ear pads are replaceable though, and some report the pads are too shallow.
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Tried HD558 and it felt a bit more bassy (may be my poor nexus 5 made me feel like that dunno acttualy) compared to HD598 and less confortable.
Still I have no idea about how dt990 will sound to my ears or its confort, if any one knows a place to try them around Heidelberg-Germany, I would be really happy.
I didn't know Philips had some good headsets, will look into them.
If I cannot decide I am going to buy HD598, hope it is not the wrong choice for competetive/singleplayer gaming.

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