Opamp "free" samples... where to get them?
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Mar 13, 2007
I've already looked at the National Semiconductors page and signed up, I hope to get some LM4562NA. I've also checked out TI, where I might pick up some OPA2111. Where else gives samples for only the cost of shipping? What opamps would you recommend trying? And do you get spam/phone calls/junk mail when you sign up for the samples?

BTW, the amp in my dac (Beresford 7520, [I know, I know] is supposed to be pretty much a CMoy variant, so take that into account if you want to recommend me some opamps to try out.
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If you use a work or school e-mail address, you get opamps completely free from National. That's with 2nd day air shipping free too =]
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Wa wa wee wa! That's excellent! Thanks for the info. Completely free opamps then. Any other National opamps I should try while I'm at it?

EDIT: Just realized my school email is probably too restrictive to allow me to receive email from National. Rats.

EDIT2: And the National page is now not showing the confirmation page for ordering samples. I allowed them in Adblock, so what gives?
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Uhm... you do realize that isn't very ethical right? Commercial samples are for those who are experimenting with designs and want to consider sampling specific parts for their projects and manufacturers do it in hopes of landing large orders later. Don't abuse the program by going all out with "oh look, I can get stuff for free", a few manufacturers have already stopped samples on large parts of their inventory for that reason.
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i got samples for free once from National. i kinda felt bad, it isn't very ethical like FallenAngel. i've been getting op-amps from Digi-Key or Farnell ever since.

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