Onyo DP-X1, Ibasso DX90

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    So I bought these players with the idea of getting into some hifi while at work. Ive come to realize it just isn't a priority for me. My interest in music as a whole has dropped, I barely even listen to music at work anymore so id rather the funds go towards upgrading my PC.

    Onkyo DP-X1
    original box included, with case, and screen protector on the unit. In perfect condition very light use. Can include 2x128GB Micro SDs - $400OBO

    DX90 - Like new, original leather case and rubber case included. Do not have the box, very light use again in like new condition. No memory card but can add a 128gb possible for a slightly increased price (have to see if I have another, and depends on the x1 sale as well. - 150 OBO

    I am at work and am not allowed to use my camera here, will upload pictures tonight

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