Online Storage?
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Jan 7, 2009
Do any of you guys backup your music libraries online?  When I think of the time and money wrapped up in CD's and vinyl, it's a considerable amount.  I've been getting paranoid that Khaleesi's dragons are going to burn down my house or my cats will seek revenge for not buying the right kind of wet cat food and erase my hard drives.  I've tried Mozy before using their "unlimited storage" plan.  After a number of problems, they literally told me that I need to find another service that caters to small businesses.  And that was when I only had about 500GB of music files.  I currently have two 2TB drives in a mirrored array in case one of the drives fails, but it would be nice to have some kind of offsite storage.  I don't need any of that fancy crap like streaming files to the ghetto blaster app on my iPhone.  I just want peace of mind.  I became a victim to advertising the other day when I saw a commercial for Carbonite.  I read a review and it didn't seem too awful except that they throttle your upload speeds after something like 200GB.  Are there any other respectable services out there that anybody uses for fairly large amounts of data?

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