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Onkyo ES-HF300

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  1. HeretixAevum
    For Sale
    For sale is a pair of Onkyo ES-HF300 headphones.​
    They're as good as new, only had them for 10 days. ​
    I'm moving so I need the cash, they go for $180 RRP, so you're getting a nice discount on headphones that are essentially brand new. Would have less than 10 hours use. ​
    They're fantastic sounding and very well built. Comes totally complete with packaging. Will ship anywhere, message me to negotiate shipping (I'm competitive! [​IMG])​
    Feel free to ask me any questions.​
    Tyll Hertsens' review:​
  2. runningPens
    pm sent
  3. HeretixAevum
    Reply sent
  4. HeretixAevum
    Price drop!
  5. HeretixAevum
    Price drop!
  6. HeretixAevum
    Third price drop!
Thread Status:
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