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Onkyo DP-X1A Or FiiO X7 II? Which is better?


Onkyo DP-X1A or FiiO X7 Mark II

  1. Onkyo DP-X1A

  2. FiiO X7 Mark II

  3. Pioneer XDP-300R

  1. Tyson Field
    Hi all, as the title says, I'm curious to see opinions. I'm hoping to buy one of these two, but I'm not sure which. I've heard great things about both, and that the first generation of each had issues that have now been solved. I want one of these two because I know for a fact that I'll be able to use TIDAL's offline features, alongside my other music. Thanks in advance for any and all advice! :)
  2. damex
    neither. better do a bit of search before.

    dp-x1a still prone to 2.5/3.5 port breakage.

    both buggy software.

    onkyo does not do 44.1 output by itself. there is no optical output and no dac feature.

    fiio - they desperately trying to fix the issues by software updates since the release. usb out does not work, tricky/buggy coax/optical out...
  3. Tyson Field
    Fair enough, I had not heard about software issues with the FiiO, and had read somewhere that the 2/3.5mm jack issue had been fixed on the DP-X1A. What player that will support TIDAL offline would you recommend instead? I would like balanced outputs and dual DAC+AMPs internally, if at all possible, but I am open to other suggestions. Cheers :)
  4. buonassi
    fiio x5iii and x7ii both support tidal offline, but you have to tweak some settings to keep them from skipping. reply if interested in learning more. I currently own both of these players. The X5iii will be up for sale soon, a little too smooth and dark for me, but still a good player.
  5. Tyson Field
    Of course I'm interested! I won't own one for a while, but I've read about the skipping and I'm very curious as to the solution - it's the only issue that makes me hesitate about the player, in all honesty. Otherwise, I've heard good things about it :) Cheers
  6. Me x3
    In my experience, Sharp Roll-Off filter gives you the brighter/more detail oriented sound on the X5 3rd Gen.
    Filters on the X5 3rd Gen can have quite an impact in terms of sound signature.
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  7. buonassi
    yes they can.... good point.
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  8. buonassi

    It seems that the 1 second crossfade is the main solution, however. Whenever I switch that to "no crossfade" or zero, I'll get the occasional glitch. See if the instructions I lay out in that link work for you. Please let us know here and you may want to subscribe to that thread as well.
  9. chef8489
    Since when does the Onkyo not do 44.1?
  10. pithyginger63
    i'm not into daps so i dont know too much about them, but i heard somewhere that the onkyo dpx1a uses an outdated dac chip and that you shouldnt consider getting one (i think philips daps too)
  11. damex
    since its release.

    multiplies of 48 only. no 44.1.
    play something else and it will upscale/downscale.
  12. buonassi
    That's just unnaceptable. If I wanted to put my files through SRC I'd plug into my Android phone. What a shod!
  13. Tyson Field
    I agree! I guess that settles it then, I'll likely get an X7 Mark II! Cheers for your help guys! (Unless someone else has a suggestion that isn't an X7 or a DP-X1A :) )
  14. chef8489
    I was not thrilled with the fiio at all when I did a couple week audition. If you can get your hands on it before you purchase it, or if you can find a Astell & Kern Ak300 for reasonable take a look at that. We can get them in the US for under 600.00 new. Just give you another option to look at.
  15. buonassi
    Op is looking for tidal offline functionality. X7ii does it just fine with a little tweaking. I rocked out 2 hours now without a hitch.

    I wish AK did offline tidal. I would've bought one instead of the fiio.

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