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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Zanger
    Link for firmware?
  2. Johnny Woody
    I dun even know if i have this problem since I always use a card reader instead of direct connection.
    It's faster and much stable, maybe you should try it.
  3. TheNoose
    Just getting in to my unit after recently arrived here in Saudi. I have tried connecting it directly to my Marantz AV8802, using the front panel USB, the Marantz reads 'not connected' no matter what setting I have. Then the same for my Oppo 103D, it is not being recognised as a USB/player and doesn't show up anywhere as a device. Pulling the USB out of the Oppo did make the Onkyo screen move so it is detecting connection/power I assume.

    Any ideas please? How to connect to these devices which comprise my main system.
  4. Anarkia333
    You have the STOCK PLAYER Pioneer on XDP-100R with this ROM???
    Onkoy has 2 DAC, HARDWARE is different no?.... xD
  5. TeknicalXtacy
    Ya, maybe I can do that and use the memory card by itself.  Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. briank996
    No, it's the "Onkyo" player but there's no branding within.  Both apps can be installed and are fully functional on either device, just a slightly different theme.  The hardware doesn't make a difference to the Rom or the music apps.
    Both apps can be downloaded here...
  7. DBaldock9
    The DP-X1 connects to external USB devices using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), rather than appearing as a USB Mass Storage device (like a Flashdrive).
    So, the external device will need a USB driver that can handle MTP connections - before it will see the DAP, or the music on it.
    TheNoose likes this.
  8. jms74
    Not found
  9. TheNoose

    In this way I saw a restricted list like the TEAC Headphone amp amongst them that can connect via USB
    So it's a no go through standard methods as you say

    It seems a good case for an aftermarket dock that can then feed a preamp...just thinking out aloud.
  10. addyg

    You need to setup Music (or other usb output capable app such as UAPP)
  11. sovietdoc
    Just got my X1A today with a balanced cable.  Comparing to my old iBasso DX90, sound stage sounds wider, sound is a bit more detailed.  Absolutely amazing.  I don't have any 384khz material, but 24/96 and 24/192 sound very good.  Don't intend to use it for MQA because if I read it correctly MQA is a lossy sound format.
    Basically at this point the player and headphones matter less than the recording itself.  The recording makes more difference then the hardware.
    Don't regret my purchase. 
  12. NPWS
    glad you like it! 
  13. joshnor713
    What microSD card would you guys recommend for offline Tidal? Not sure how fast it should be. I know Class 10 is a given, but Sandisk has UHS I and II standards, which differ in price drastically. Does the DP-X1 even support UHS II bandwidth speed?
  14. Dj Jaz
    Different speed cards hasn't made a difference for Tidal offline. I get audio dropouts and skips with any SD card. I think its a Bug with the Android Tidal  App.
  15. joshnor713
    Ah okay, I thought the issue may be related to the card speed. I've never gotten audio dropouts on any Android smartphone with Tidal and microSD, so weird that the DP-X1 has that problem. I also wonder if sound quality may be compromised due to this issue too.
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