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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Layman1
  2. gearofwar
    Sorry Savant or K10 are somewhat overated and overhyped. Not saying K10 is bad but its not that mighty best like people are trying to hype it up. You should look around, there are tons of amazing iem around as seen in the last Canjam in Sing
  3. krismusic Contributor
    It's certainly true that there are a lot of very good IEM's out there.
    The Noble range is perhaps not the be all and end all but is unusual for having so many models in both universal and custom.
    I've not heard many other TOTL CIEM's but I am very happy with my K10's.
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor

    And apparently you can even spend very modest money and get very good performance from some up and coming Chinese IEM companies. I have been following a thread dedicated to Chinese and Asian companies and on the suggestions of some IEM collectors in the thread I spent a whopping $42 to get some LZ Z03A from Easy Earphones on Aliexpress. Apparently these perform well past their price point. I guess in a few weeks I will know.
  5. Carlsan
    I also follow the Chinese earphone thread, and have gathered a small collection of some of the best, including the LZ-02, HCK A2, Easy UE's, and a bunch of the KZ cheapo's.
    The first two that I mentioned are exceptional, for their respective price points.
    Do they compete with the K10u's that I also have, nope, and they should not be expected to at the price.
    64Audio (1964 Ears) Adele U12 do, but that's another story - and more expensive at that.
    Have not heard the Savant.
    The LZ-Z03A does seem like a good deal, and is on my list of future buys.
  6. krismusic Contributor
    Oh BTW. Gisele carries products from other manufacturers. 1964 Ears and Cosmic Ears among others. (I have no connection other than being a very impressed customer!)
  7. ctsooner22
    If you feel the Savant or K10's are over rated or over hyped, that's your opinion. I never said that other IEM's are not good, but to say they are over rated, I don't see it. I auditioned SO many IEMs in my two weeks in Japan, that I really think I know what many sound like.  I listen to a lot of live music and I have spent a ton of my time years ago in production studios.  I trust my ears as have many others I've consulted with for over 40 years.  We all hear differently.  I'm very new to headphones.  I used Stax Lambda's and Sennheiser 580's for years but sold them recently to get a small pair of IEM's.  I was also given a pair of PSB's with NC.  They are fun can's to play with.  I never loved the Senn's.  They left me cold much of the time.  No emotion.  The Staxs were awesome, but they were just too big for me to wear all the time.  I have MS and spend much time during bouts in my hospital bed.  I like to use the IEM's during this time especially.  
    I've spent a bit of time with many folks within the audio industry to designers, engineers, manufacturers, marketers, writers etc....  I don't trust many of them as I wonder if they know how to critically listen.  Too often folks feel that speakers or headphones/IEM's that are highly detailed are too hot. That's not the case with well engineered transducers.  In order to emotionally connect to the music, which is what folks really want to do, you have to have all the detail you can get.  All too often components just aren't coherent.  I read so many threads on the site about bass heads and folks saying they love their bass turned up a db or two.  So many manufacturers do this at each end of the spectrum as that sells.  It's true.  just ask them and they will tell you if they are being honest.  To me, that's not coherent, nor is it what I want in a speaker/IEM or headphone.  I want the the whole spectrum to sound the way the engineer wanted it to sound.  I get that with the Savant's.  I didn't get that with so many of the other IEM's I nearly pulled the trigger on.  Westones were nice in the price range. I hated the Shures. I even owned a pair that my wife now uses when she travels.  I don't love many of the others that are out there. I have liked quite a few though, but I got the Savant's and I'm glad I did.  They may only use two drivers, but they are special drivers that are coherent and seamless.  They really get the mids correctly and that's 90% of things.  I do feel they are more like a midsize monitor rather than the full range speaker that goes into the 20's.  I have played some 192, well recorded orchestral music that has some notes into the 20's and it was fine.  Not what I wanted in that range, but bass is expensive (quality bass) even in IEM's. That's why I probably want the new K10's.
    Over hyped?  Only if you are reading the Noble threads.  If we readers are over hyping them, maybe it's because we are really enjoying them.  Pray tell how that's over hyped?  I read JH threads saying awesome things about their IEM's and I only liked one of them when I heard them, but I felt the bass was way too pronounced, even though it didn't really bleed into the midrange.  It had a huge bass bump.  Those folks sure seem to love the.  
    What too many don't understand is that you get to a specific level of performance and then in order to get incremental increases it costs 200 or more to get there. I really think that's often the time when folks bring out 'but I can buy a cheap Chinese version that is as good or better and only costs 100'.  NO WAY. Sorry, I've heard a ton of inexpensive stuff in Asia that just doesn't compete on the same plane with 500 IEM's.  If you think so, then congrats, you saved a lot of money, but when folks pay a lot of money for their electronics you need a great IEM to get all that you paid for.  I often just use my iPhone when I'm in the wood shop or outside, but in the house I have some good electronics.  I have heard my Savants on the Codex as well as the new Macintosh 5k headphone amp and I promise you that you can easily hear why these devices are so good. You will also hear the minute differences in the two pieces.  Personally I like the Codex better than that Mac, but both are great pieces. Wonderfully textured, full bodies, open, detailed etc....  The dealer had a pair of well known, less expensive IEM's. We cleaned off the tips and I listened.  Everything sucked.  They just weren't in the same range as the Savant's.  The store owner laughed because he bought those IEM's because someone on here went on and on as to why his IEM's were better than the Noble 6's I think he said.  He only uses them now for listening to talk radio when on the go.  He brought home a pair of Audeze for his late at night home listening.  I'm not sure if he ever got a pair of Savant's or K10's,but he said he was going to look into it.  This guy has a pair of Wilson XLF's (personally I don't love these) and Vandersteen 7 mkII's in his show room and he listens with top of the line Ayre or Boulder with DCS stacks etc.... the point is that he hears great and very expensive hi fi all day long and he and I agreed that we could both easily live with a Codex DAC/amp and a pair of Savants (preferably run in balanced) hooked up to a top digital source and be very happy with our music and not break the bank.
    Sorry for the long response to the poster who called the Nobles over rated and over hyped, but put on some Jackson Browne and listen to your less expensive IEM's vs the Savants that you may or may not have ever listened to and hear him pronounce S's. Listen to the trailing edge.  Listen to the harmonics of the music.  I can go on and on, but I'm sure you won't do that.  I'm glad you are happy with what you are listening to from China.  
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  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Now you're just being somewhat rude implying that unless you spend tons of cash on non-Asian gear it won't sound as good. Everything gets hyped for sure. The difference between a $2000 IEM and a $249 IEM is never as large as the price gap would indicate, same goes for headphones. We pay a great deal of money for those modest sound quality gains; well sometimes they aren't modest. I have no doubt there is a correlation between cost and quality, but I don't think it is always linear, and I think you probably have not heard what is coming out of China around the $200 price point. I'm making an assumption there, but if I'm correct you may be surprised. I find my Blackberry Leap sounds pretty close to my ONKYO DP-X1 despite the price difference.
  9. Chevalierr
    Cmon guys, lets not derail the thread. We already know that everyone has different tastes.
  10. ctsooner22
    You're right.  Sorry.  Not sure why my last post saying I was sorry for being rude isn't posted.  Hmmm.  
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Naw, I have had a few too many rye and gingers tonight, no need to apologize, as somebody said, no need to derail the thread. For my part I have no doubt the Noble is stunning.
  12. ReizeiMako
    What if I say your cans or DAPS is overrated and overhyped? Will you like it? Please don't look down to others' taste.
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  13. Orky261
    I was quite taken back by the new K10 aluminum, I thought it was going to be dark but it was not. There was a very good deal too back in CanJam SG, shame I don't have 2000-2500 SGD in cash. Buy new K10A U and get a free limited edition faceplate savant. Although I like it, I still can't get into the sound of a dozen of BAs crammed into a housing.
  14. MadDane

    Very Subjective, perhaps better wording next time. Ie I don't care for the mids or sound signature, etc.
  15. Layman1

    Agree. Especially when you get into decent mid-range and above IEM's, where quality should be a given, one's own tastes and habits become a significant factor.
    I was really happy to hear how much 'ctsooner22' was loving his Savants and sharing the joy on here. That brings positivity, but calling them overhyped when someone's just said how happy they are with their purchase is only going to add negativity. On the other hand, sharing his happiness and advising of some other IEM's that he might also love in future, would be a more constructive and positive way to share your own views and preferences, especially since you obviously have knowledge and insight worth sharing that can be of benefit to the community, wihch is great [​IMG]
    Enthusiasm and joy are always contagious [​IMG]
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