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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Zenifyx

    There's no auto brightness as there's no ambient light sensor on the device.

    Have you retried the file on YouTube/Play Music?
    (sorry to hear about your Heir 4Ai btw, hope it gets resolved)
  2. TheOneInYellow

    Hey dude, I tried just looking at the toggle, clicking, and rechecked the display settings, but there is no Auto Brightness feature on my Onkyo DP-X1...

    Here's my DP-X1 firmware:

    Here's my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which has auto brightness feature (which compared to my previous pic in my earlier, my DP-X1 does not have it):
  3. TheOneInYellow

    Yep, no ambient sensor means no ambient or auto modes.

    Regarding my Heir Audio 4.Ai IEM's, they aren't so much the issue.
    In the past I used near exclusively IEM's, but for whatever reason my ear canals have changed shape somewhat to the point that almost any IEM's that have tips put pressure on my ear canals. They have become super sensitive, which is very upsetting. Any IEM's in my ears for longer than 30 mins causes pain.
    Only CIEM's might resolve the issue but I am not budgeting for that at present.

    It was late last night and I am on the bus doing a long commute (car was indisposed of unfortunately) so I have yet the time to test.
    Don't worry about testing, after work and food I'll do a test with my Heir Audio 4.Ai IEM's.
  4. h8dk97
    Ok thank you. going to check out PM3's on Monday :)
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  5. masterpfa

    Never come between a man (or woman) and their DP-X1 and ________ [enter choice of IEM/HP here]
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  6. masterpfa
    All we need is for carriers to offer more realistic data packages so we don't miss out on these when not on WiFi.
    Luckily on O2 in the UK I get to share 20Gb of LTE data with my daughter and currently we never reach anywhere near that amount.

    Quite a few companies have been working on battery technology and I believe portable technology is waiting on this before moving to the next stage. 
    AK DAP's do (I have tried upto and including AK240, not had the pleasure with the AK320 or AK380)
  7. Whitigir
    Zx2 doesn't use operational DAC chips. It uses class D amplification design to convert digital to analog signals. Dp-X1 uses operational DAC and that is called ESS Sabres. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class-D_amplifier
    Do you really call Class D amp a DAC ? Lol....well I guess when you put it that any digital need to be converted before you can enjoy music, then sure, but it will be the whole circuitry you are talking about, not just a chip....
  8. masterpfa
    Have a look here. They have links for all types of files WAV,FLAC,AIFF and of course including DSD
    Great, something else to look forward to.
  9. Orky261
    Just got back from local Jaben shop. People are getting their DP-X1 and are very happy with it, not too long after my friend got its DP-X1, someone just straight up offer to buy it from him after listening to it for half an hour, also this dude got AK380 in his arsenal. Onkyo really need to step up their game and use this momentum to just steal the thunder from many other high-end DAP makers, I really can't wait for DP-X2 at the end of this year if they are planning yearly releases.
  10. Whitigir

    Honestly, to me it seems that DP-x2 may be soon following suit. Their frequent update cycle of the player app in the Google market store is the very proof of them getting serious to cater toward portable devices. Dp-X1 will just be the first physical model , which already soak up and challenging the competitions. All of the problems with 3rd party apps now will soon be fixed with new firmware when the Us model arrive here in a couple months...April ? Well hopefully :)

    The thing is with DAC, it only matter how the implementation was done :D and ofcourse the experiences of having to do so...how old is Onkyo vs AK now :)
  11. joshuachew
    After the update my background album artwork is in black and white. Anyone else with similar issues?
  12. davidmolliere
    I think they do have high ambitions and want to be disruptive for sure, I don't think DP-X2 will happen right away, they need to make some money with it first especially since I think their margin is not as high as other manufacturers on this one. EU and US release are due in April, I don't see a DP-X2 coming before another year at least. That's if we think it will be their TOTL and nothing will top it.
  13. TheOneInYellow
    On a break.

    AKG K 712/Audeze EL8 CB/KEF Audio M500

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    All the above and more. I must say Sony have been at the forefront of battery technology in their portable devices, starting with their old NiMH batteries!
    The other company is...drum roll please...NINTENDO!
    Seriously since the GameBoy (Classic) to the 'New 3DS/New 3DS XL' (stupid name), they just keep going!

    I kinda touched on this but essentially THIS.

    A DAC is always necessary to change a waveform into an analogue signal prior to amplification, but a DAC is not necessary to create said waveform.
    The Sony ZX2 is a prime example of this.

    Nice generalised summary dude, thanks!


    NO DP-X2 or yearly updates please, my wallet will have a heart attack.

    More so, we may not need a new player if the DP-X1 remains a solid constant base and add-ons (external amp module?) can be attached.

    However I do see your reasoning, and Onkyo could do yearly updates.
    I'm glad I got an early unit to stay ahead of the game, as it were.

    As for third party apps, with exception of two user's (so far, plus testing and peer-to-peer feedback), and ignoring DSP based apps, everything else seems good.

    You nailed it regarding implementation! Onkyo got that right straight away!

    Ha ha ha ha ha, Onkyo DP-X1 vs Astell and Kern AK380 FIGHT!

    I tweeted Michael Mercer to compare the two when he can get or test the DP-X1 :wink:

    I still believe AK units are very fancy and cool with great SQ, but not a fan of the price barrier. However, ignoring that, the AK380 Cooper + blue carbon backplate is amazing!
  14. Whitigir
    Battle between ak380 vs dp-x1 . I careless about it being made out of meteorite or whatever...as long as it has better sonic quality lol.
  15. philk34
    I agree. I believe that DP-X2 will come soon as far as X1 is a success.
    Onkyo seems to deliver great value for a price that is a steal. Calm down fanboys, I tell "seems" because I have not tested it yet and that some limitations keep me from buying it yet :wink:
    Onkyo will need to transform the try AND make money. As a challenger entering a new market they have broken the prices and probably loose money on DP-X1 to gain market share. But their next move is very easy to predict: release a new model with few approvements at the market price (understand more expensive). Price of international DP-X1 is probably a clue of Onkyo taking this direction.
    Anyway, enjoy your devices now, we will see what the future is when it comes :wink:
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