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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Whitigir
    If third party app is unresponsive to side buttons, make sure the app is running alone by itself and not any other app on the background. My Zx2 was fine with 3rd party app and side button
  2. Zenifyx
    Your phrasing is slightly confusing but here goes:
    - You can adjust how fast display turns off under Settings>Display>Sleep.
    Available options range from 15sec to 30min
    - I'm not sure what made you think that, but slide to wake does not come standard on Android.
    It depends on the manufacturer to work the capability into the kernel (or the use of a custom kernel, but let's not dive into that)
    In fact, majority of devices on the market do not have this capability (as it would require the digitizer on the screen to stay active - thus draining more batt).
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  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    ^ Thanks, great feedback. There does appear to be a setting inside the music app to always leave the screen on. I'll play with that. The swipe screen feature is really nice to have (standard on Blackberry 10 and extremely well implemented), but yes battery is a concern for many people, however it was never an issue with my Blackberry Leap. Regardless I agree, why get into it. I'm not really using the device as an Android device for the most part anyway.
    Very easy to use and I found the music app rather intuitive. My initial impressions are that the sound quality is excellent, but I do need some time of course.
    I do think that having to constantly press a button to get a screen on could be a longevity issue, but I would need to know what Onkyo rates the button at in terms of service life in clicks. I think for me I will most certainly be leaving the screen on while playing music as I never have long sessions, usually just for bus trips to and from school, the gym, shopping outings so even if the battery only lasted 4 hours in this style of use that would be sufficient for my needs.
    Pretty impressed so far that is for sure.
  4. gr8soundz
    WhatHifi has a review up for the Pioneer version:
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  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes I can confirm that if you select screen always on within the settings inside the music app that the screen does indeed stay on. I would assume that this will only be in effect while this app is active. I'm playing it at around 139 - 143 on the single end connection. It is nicely defined and loud, but not uncomfortable at all.
    I'm experimenting and using the slow filter, no EQ of course.
  6. Zenifyx
    If I may make a suggestion, you can use the "Standalone mode" switch widget on the Onkyo DP-X1 to turn off the screen.
    This effectively cuts down the number of presses on the power button throughout usage (if that is an issue) and even automatically turns off bluetooth and wifi (if you have those on)!
    Everyone should definitely use that instead of casually turning off the screen using the power button!
  7. sq3rjick
    I really don't think there's going to be any issue with the power button. My Galaxy Note 3 has had its power button pressed literally hundreds of times a day, every day, for the last 3 years.
  8. davidmolliere
    Glad you got yours, mine ordered on the 6th, shipped the 8th and still stuck at the damn french customs with no heads up on how long it will take :frowning2:
    Seems pretty high volume 140/160... that volume is with which headphones and what gain?
    On the XDP-100 I found filters (slow, sharp, fast) didn't change anything I could hear...
  9. clarkydaz
    I think it softens the treble
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Damn, that is rough. I once had some gear in customs for a week before it was released. I also was lucky enough to not get any duties or taxes! Still, with our dollar so low this cost almost $1000 Canadian with the fast shipping and other fees. It isn't that loud, normal for me. I'm listening now at 135 and it is quite nice with the PM3s. I did think the treble became a tad softer on slow instead of what is the default, fast? Anyway, so far I really have only had a few minutes here and there of listening. Seems like the bass is quite strong on the Onkyo.
  11. davidmolliere
    Well, I should just let it go and stop ranting about the frustration, that's life...
    135 with PM-3 which are not very high impedance (26 ohm) and good sensitivity (102dB) seems pretty high to me, which gain level?
    I mean that was the reason I returned the XDP-100 (EU) with my 38 ohm / 119dB S-EM9 in a quiet environment I had to go 120 to 135 on high gain...
    It doesn't match the amp rated at 2x75mW in terms of volume... I listen at moderate level, always have.
    If international DP-X1 is not better I'd be puzzled... balanced would get us 2x150mW without AGC for harder headphones but still, if that's on high gain puzzling...

    Default filter is sharp, I had posted the marketing material about this :
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  12. TheOneInYellow

    It might be simpler than this.

    mW doesn't always mean higher volume. It could be that the power implementation and DAC programming is designed to allow every frequency of music to have enough power to be seamless.
    That is, Onkyo wanted to make sure that the DAP is capable of massive authority over music rather than pure loud power.

    Then again my AKG K 712 are not efficient so...
  13. TheOneInYellow

    Just tested all three filters on track 14 (C4) 'Ziggy Stardust (Demo)', which is mostly acoustical guitar and Bowie singing, and track 15 (C5) 'Lady Stardust', which has Bowie singing again but playing the guitar solo:

    • The Sharp filter (my favourite and default) is super meticulous on all music, allows fast transients to sound amazing, and doesn't sacrifice anything. Some songs, vocal or acoustical, it can get a bit fatiguing...

    • The Slow filter really brings the guitar body resonances to come forward but softens the upper treble of the strings.
      On the piano, again the strings plus piano itself receive a bit more focus and timbre, but upper treble of both piano strings and Bowie's vocals is lost somewhat. The inflections of Bowie's voice also become hazy.
      However, this is a more relaxing filter perfect for acoustic or vocal work if you don't mind some loss of hyper micro detail.

    • The Short filter sounds ****. Sorry, really terrible on this track. Hmmm...I really cannot be more informative or honest. It sucks the music dry, lifeless, boring. Didn't like this at all with these two tracks.
      Really put me of this filter...YMMV.

    Music is David Bowie's 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' vinyl rip at 24/96.
    Vinyl: Collector's Edition Clear Vinyl 1990/1972, Ryko 0134-2.
    Ripped on a Clearaudio Turntable.
    Onkyo DP-X1 set to high gain with no upsampling, Lock Range Adjust set to Normal, volume set to 156.
    Stand alone mode was not activated as I like watching the UI screen. Another reason I bought the Onkyo DP-X1 :p
    Headphone used is AKG K 712 with standard unbalanced single ended 3.5 mm TRS connecter.
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  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Thanks for the images, I'm not sure how I missed them in the thread. The information on the filters is helpful. I like slow, but truthfully it would be nice to be able to defeat all filters. I'm not sure where the gain settings are as I haven't looked around, so whatever the default gain that is what I'm currently using. I'm still not ready to give any sound impressions yet beyond saying I really, really like what I am hearing so far. I am going to give a tiny bit of usability feedback.
    So for on the go people like me, slipping the DAP in and out of jacket pockets forget using the setting I mentioned earlier about leaving the screen always on, bad idea. The screen is far too sensitive and it was impossible to put the DAP in my pocket and not have the screen respond and change the song or something like that. Relatedly, if you are like me and you are frequently needing to turn the sound on and off be aware of the screen sensitivity. It takes what, about 45 seconds or a minute for the screen to go off so if you are leaving a store and have shut the player off or paused it, remember, before going on your way after resuming play (I'm aware that rhymes) wait until the screen shuts off as per the sensitivity issue mentioned earlier.
  15. davidmolliere
    You're welcome, I figured at the speed of this thread it might have been skipped by some.
    The gain settings are in Settings > Sound & notification > Gain
    People have reported High gain to be default.
    I understand usability being an issue for people that are not android geeks, the screen time to go off automatically can be set to a different value in Power management, I think lower is 15 seconds. You can also set the power button to lock the screen immediately (it's in Settings > Security you can modify the behavior of of the power button and have it lock the screen immediatly). 
    Good point, that's still and issue when you claim being able to drive higher impedance headphones with sufficient power...

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