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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Dixter
  2. Gurdipurdi
    I heard the Pioneer DAP today. I liked what I heard, but it was at the end of the day so my ears were getting a bit tired. The rep said it would cost around €600-900. Did not like the design and the build quality, compared to even cheaper DAP's it felt cheap. Also the software was rather buggy, but I expect that will be fixed. Really curious to know the price of the DP-X1
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  3. kawaivpc1

    Was it comparable to DX100 in sound quality???
  4. Gurdipurdi
    Sorry, never heard the DX100. The Cayin N6 seemed a bit better( but these comments are all very preliminary). Best to wait for the thorough comparisons.
  5. kawaivpc1

    Then how about AK240?
    or even Teac UH01?
    Benchmark DAC?
  6. ezekiel77
    Here's hoping to a sub-1k price.
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  7. acrox999
    That sounds very disappointing.

    600-900 Euros just for the sake of their audio implementation when you can get a smartphone at a much cheaper price and buy better amps or DAC on your own, at that price, is just not worth it.

    Well, to me, any DAP is not worth their price. I guess I'll stop looking at DAPs again.
  8. Gurdipurdi
    I heard the AK240 and despite costing an arm and a leg, I sounded spectacular. I've been using my NT-6 with my FiiO X5 and I'm pretty certain I have to upgrade now, because nearly everything sounded better. (But, is also more expensive). I'd even consider waiting a bit longer to buy a used AK240, if these upcoming DAP's don't live up to the expectation. The AK100II, on the other hand, while sounding great didn't do much for me. But I listened to that one after the AK240. The same counts for the Lotoo Paw Gold and 5000, both sounded great but it wasn't the best synergy with my NT6, YMMV.
    So, again take all of my impressions with a grain of salt. 
  9. Gurdipurdi

    Never heard the Benchmark and the Teac, so I can't comment.
  10. subguy812

    Nothing like hands on experience, thanks for sharing. The problem with this specific thread is there is no hands on experience with the specific piece of equipment, just a lot of speculation. I have a feeling there are going to be some of the same findings. Here's hoping that the DP-X1 nails it.
  11. Joe-Siow
    Y are u even comparing the DP-X1 (DAP) to Benchmark DAC and TEAC UH-01 (desktop DAC)? Not even in the same category of products!
    Bye bye. U are clearly in the wrong forum.
  12. LFC_SL
    Regardless of why the Teac is really not that good
  13. Gurdipurdi
    My pleasure. After (unofficial) CanJan, I hope that as well. I have almost a compulsive need to buy a new DAP.  It's certainly a good time for DAP-hunting, with several interesting players coming to the market. Luckily, I can be very patient when it comes to these big purchases. The Onkyo will certainly check the storage-box, FiiO will need to address this with a revised X7 or through amp-module. That being said, if there is a clear winner in the sound quality-department, that's most certainly the place where my money will go, since feature-wise they seem to be rather alike.
  14. Sound Eq
    i too am in the market to buy a new dap, and this onkyo dap is grabbing my attention, i just was wondering if the cowon p1 suits me more as i like eq and sound enhancements alot, i know the onkyo has parametric eq but the cowon has jet effects with so many settings to choose from and parametric eq as well

    i am so in turmoil shall i go with cowon p1 or wait for the onkyo, i know onkyo has better specs but sound enhancements are a big deal to me, and almost all cowon p1 users are happy with the cowon

    what do you think guys?
  15. jmills8
    So once one has a Tera then no need to look at other daps?
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