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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. Teppka
    Change the truck.
    Just kidding. I'm actually surprised to hear Bluetooth gives such a message that device is not supported. Bluetooth is supposed to pair with anything Bluetooth, that's tye idea. Could you describe steps you take to pair Bluetooth?
  2. Guitarzan67
    I was thinking of changing the truck! Jk
    I connect as I connect my iPhone. Bluetooth on, search for new devices etc. But, the truck Bluetooth doesn’t show up as a device on the Onkyo. My truck shows it, but then says no available features with this device. If I could get it to show up in the Onkyo, maybe it’ll work.
    Thanks for the reply.
  3. Teppka
    I can share my experience if you don't mind. Even though I habe Focal sound system in my car it still doesn't make sence to use my Onkyo via Bluetooth as it will still degrade quality. Hence no sence for me to stream flac files or anything above 320kbps.I assume your truck Bluetooth audio doesn't support AptX or AptX HD.

    So I use my Note 8 connected via Bluetooth to stream or play offline Spotify and Tidal. If you have a massive offline music collection I would suggest to buy a big capacity microSD card and stream from smartphone over Bluetooth. Not tge case with your iPhone. I'm just not sure if iPhones support mass storage via USB connected HDD. If they do it could be an option.

    I can't comment on your Ford audio system Bluetooth connectivity if devices do not show up during Bluetooth pairing search. I personally don't feel a need to connect my Onkyo to my car audio. But purhaps my experience could help you find a work around option if Bluetooth or USB connection will not work.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  4. MParrott

    For size comparison
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  5. bonesb
    I was looking at the Onkyo for use in my CAR, but I am wondering if I really need a DAP? I have a Helix DSP which has inbuilt dac so If I use my phone over usb, should I really invest on an Onkyo DP-X1A
  6. dallas1990
    whats better the onkyo dp-x1a or pioneer xdp-300r?
  7. Guitarzan67
    I’ve had both. My understanding from reading specs, is the pioneer is basically the Onkyos little brother, but the headphone jack issue is much better on the pioneer. The onkyos jack was a issue as it would loosen after a few weeks of playing. The pioneer sounds great and the jacks are solid.
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  8. dallas1990
    Ok, I plan on using both the dap alone and a ifi nano black amp/dac to. So I guess cause of the headphone jack I'll get the pioneer. Thanks
  9. MParrott
    The jack issue was fixed on the X1A
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  10. dallas1990
    Oh ok, is the sound quality the same as the x1a and the pioneer? Sorry for all the questions I'm still new in the dap game. Headphones and amps/dacs I get but daps and there specs I'm a bit lost on.
  11. home44
    What are the physical differences between he X1A & the X1?

    Mine has a silver band where the headphone jack are.
  12. Tin Trinh
    Hello every one, i just flash custom firmware. I want come back to stock firmware how can i do thanks. My model is x1b
  13. bluedolphin
    Haha Shop called me and say
    they now got the Player that remplace the player i ordered a month ago
    I ordered Dp-x1A but they say Dp-s1 Remplace it

    What i said, this is not the one i ordered and that one is the smale player, not big Dp-x1 i want.
    but acording to shop in spain Dp-s1 remplace the now discontinued Dp-x1A

    Spain distribuitors has boikotted Dp-x1 in all spain
    as soon i went to online shops to click purchase 2 months ago.
    They ordered from Onkyo distribuitor that said it was discontinued.

    Many webpages have Onkyo dp-x1A avaible in spain
    As soon i click purchase, next day i get a email that distribuitor have discontinued it
    and they removed it from Online Shops, some shops even took 2 weeks to alert me
    that it was not avaible meanwhile i had to wait, only to be let down from shops.

    Since it was not possible to get in spain , i tried on Shops in England
    there i got a email from one shop that Onkyo
    Dp-x1 was discontinued in England

    So that is not good, I wanted Onkyo Dp-x1 not The smale Onkyo Dp-s1 i was offered instead
    which i refused, i was also offered Pioneer XDP-300R by the biggest stores saying this player
    is good alternative, only thing is i dont like the Pioneer so i didnt buy it.
    i dont like the Pioneer i like the Onkyo Dp-x1

    Now i have problem with My spanish bank that has triple charged me comision fee, and has closed down my bank, so i cant make purchase online, so need to change bank.

    Now i have to make purchase in spain with cash on delivery (contrarembolso)
    since i dont have a bank acount

    Since Onkyo Dp-x1 is not avaible in spain i cant get it in spain
    I was able to Kick out all Onkyo Dp-x1 in the whole spain
    by just clicking purchase button

    So they Removed Onkyo Dp-x1 from Spain totaly so i should not get it
    I have no other choice but go and buy another brand.

    Oh and Onkyo Europe also confirmed to me that Onkyo Dp-x1 was discontinued in spain
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  14. DBaldock9
  15. Tin Trinh

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