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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. Love Music
    What does the hi-bit 32 and unsampling mode do to the sound on this player?
  2. DoctorGroove
    The UI is not amazing here; the OS is not Android, and so you don't get the intuitive ease and familiarity of an android UX. However, it's very fast and responsive, and it is reasonably intutive to navigate and build playlists. I used Sandisk cards and formatted them exFAT 512k. The library scan of the 2 full cards took about 10 minutes but now that it's done, it is no issue, since I turned auto scan off. I'm not displeased with the UX, but the UI is not amazing at this point.

    Adding albums or tracks to playlists is very fast and easy to do, and it plays between tracks very fast, pretty much no lagginess at all. Where I did find it laggy and awkward was trying to use the tunein app that's built in. The UI screens (and in the player itself) are kind of hierarchical, and it's not always clear that when you back out, you might back right out. The tunein app actually is not very good. It's easy to inadvertently exit the app and have to restart it to get back down through the hierarchy to whatever station you were at. In this regard - apps - the UX (maybe because of the UI) is lacking.

    I don't know quite what to make of the various upsampling options and filters. I'm not a fastidious audiophile guy who can rattle off elaborate impressions of what the sampling options do to the sound. The upsampling actually seems to make it harder for the unit to play some tracks. They definitely do change the sound, but I don't know if they are coloring it differently than it was intended to sound like. I don't know whether or not they affect the battery life, but I use it plugged in most of the time anyway.

    As a player, it does what you want it to do, and plays all of the high resolution stuff, fast. I'm sure there are features that I haven't appreciated nuances of (or lack of), but it plays through lists and is easy to move around within album-length FLACs; as a player alone, it is doing the job and there have not been any real issues yet. I think if this thing holds up mechanically, it can stay with the high resolution digital audio product cycle curve for a good few years. But if phones evolve that can accept multiple large mSD card and run apps like Emby, Plex, or Roon, this type of dedicated unit would become redundant. That's maybe a topic for another discussion.

    Hope someone finds this useful. The documentation and UX reports on this player are pretty slim at this point.
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  3. tmauceri
    I was tired of lugging my Oppo HA-2 around connected to my iPhone 6S. Plus the issue with iOS 10.3.1 and above which drops the signal to the DAC after a few minutes, so I bought the Onkyo DP-S1. I am more than pleased with this DAP. I ordered up balanced cables for my Oppo PM-3s and Westone ES60s and I am blown away. I was using the Onyko HF player App on my iPhone so I went with the Onyko instead of the Pioneer. I read through the forum but have not encountered any of the issues people have discussed. Upon turning the unit on I downloaded the latest firmware and have been smiling ever since. The balanced mode makes the Oppo's soar!
  4. alwass89
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  5. davidcotton
    Has gapless been sorted out yet, and does this have any sort of bookmarking facility to resume later?

  6. KaizerBeelzebub
    how does the s1 or 30r compare to fiio x5-3??
  7. coolcrew23
    No offline tidal yet?
  8. tmauceri
    I was wondering if anyone can comment on the Lock Range Adjust (LRA) and ACG vs Balanced modes. How narrow can you set the LRA before having any playback issues? For ACG vs Balanced I have found that ACG sounds a little cleaner with my ES60s, soundstage about the same. With my PM-3s Balanced mode really presents a wider soundstage, sound quality is a bit better but the wider soundstage is very noticeable.
  9. se7en7
    Any body that has the Onkyo DP S1 has this got a better sound than the AK70 both in SE and Balanced output?

    I know the screen is better on the AK70 but i wanted to know mainly music etc thank you
  10. WayTooCrazy
    I'd like to know how this compares to the X5iii.
  11. BartSimpson1976
    On the S1 the bass is 13% better in SE and 17.8% in balanced. Mides are 7.9% better in SE and 16.8% in balanced. Highs are 11.3% better in SE and 19.4% in balanced.

    No seriously....asking which of them has a "better" sound is kind of a useless question. Because "better" is very subjective and depends on your preferences in sound signature.
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  12. expat852
    From the Head-Fi thread on the new Astell & Kern SP1000:

    " Unfortunately, no TIDAL offline. We cannot offer TIDAL offline mode due to contractual agreements TIDAL has with the record labels. Offline mode is only available on TIDAL's native apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Offline mode is not allowed on third party hardware TIDAL applications per TIDAL's agreements with the record labels."​

    So, sadly it appears that TIDAL offline is not coming for this or any other DAP. I hope this is wrong - has anyone heard otherwise?
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  13. shigzeo Contributor
    I also think it sounds better. It also tests better in a few key areas. Its balanced output really really flattens stereo anomalies. Now, if you mod your AK70 (Ryuzoh's AK70 Kai) the AK70 will clobber it, and most other portables. But stock, the AK70 is outclassed in a number of areas. I love how Rubato sounds. I just hate the sound or Rubato.
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  14. TheNoose
    How come no has reviewed the Pioneer CH9T IEMS? I have the Shure 215's that these are meant to smoke in my DPX1...
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