Ongoing thoughts of a ipod classic 7g owner who has just bought a 5g
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Jan 9, 2006
Not been overly happy with the 7g classic stock and didnt want to rockbox without dual boot so bought a 5g too.

Observations using same headphones (will differ) and exact same tracks

1) the 5g is significantly louder than the 7g

When playing the same track on my 80ohm dt770 I can relatively easily listen at full volume, the sound seems weak and I feel they are not powering them sufficiently, on the 5g I estimate the volume is 20-30% higher.

My dt770 80ohm seem harder to drive than the d5000 and with the 7g I would prefer an amp, with the d5000 Both can drive them fine.

Note: comparison done with ipod software and no eq and no volume restrictions.

When i get some time I will do the same test with my other older ipod nano 2g and 3g, but suspect the 7g will be left behind from memory,

Will post more as I go along/ till I get bored!! Ay questions just ask.
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Nov 25, 2011
Volume of stock firmware of 7G is very low. After rockboxing the volume is fantastic. You can also revert the installed emcore to go back to Apple firmware. Why not try Rockbox and give your feedback comparing 5G with Rockboxed 7G? I'm too curious on raving reviews of 5G sound quality, but according to the above post, it looks like just volume increase. So can you compare the R'7G and 5G, and see after the volume fix to 7G by Rockbox, do you find 5G better?

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