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OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones review

  1. viperxp
    This review will be dedicated to a budget friendly earphones from OnePlus, named Silver Bullet.
    Well, after ordering and hearing the Xiaomi Pistons 2 I was very interested in these headphones. Why? Because they claimed to be better (that's what I thought anyway), at a very affordable price. http://www.merimobiles.com/ were nice enough to provide me a pair for a review.
    well .. let's begin.
    Tech. specs
    Sensitivity108dB (at 500Hz)
    Maximum Power20mW
    Wire Environmental TPE, 1.1M

    Nothing extraordinary here. Note that the sensitivity is at 500hz and not the usual 1kHz.
    Part 1 - Package and unboxing
    The package is very unusual, I don't remember ordering anything in such a package. The big carton box has to be torn apart in order to expose a smaller box.
    Note that the technical specs differ from those stated on the website. I really liked the second seal on the white box.
    Inside the white box there is the matte box with the earphones, use manual and spare/different sized eartips.
    Hello there :) . The headphones look and feel really nice. Made of metal, they don't feel heavy, but have enough weigh to not be felt cheap. The cable feels thin. It feels made of/coated with some sort of silicone.
    Compared with the Anti-hero , the Xiaomi pistons 2. Pistons feel heavier. The cable of Xiaomy feels of much better quality, the kevlar coating really adds to the nice feeling. The controls of the Xiaomi are made of metal, vs the plastics of the Silver Bullet.
    Here is one earphone without the silicone tip.
    Part 2 - comparison with the Xiaomi, sound
    You might think, what's there to compare? The Xiaomis are looking better, have a better cable and are here with us for a while now, what's the reason to go for the Bullet, especially when it costs more in most of the cases (23.98$ shipped worldwide from merimobiles at time of publication)?
    Well, there are many noticeable differences, that make the Silver Bullet a much better choice (for me anyway)
    1. The sound.
    When I first got the Xiaomi I really tried enjoing them, and just could not. The sound signature felt too much v-shaped, with a bloated bass and harsh treble. Something like an old car stereo with "loud" button pressed. I guess that there are people that like this king of sound, I know. My wife likes Xiaomi, and like it better than the OnePlus, but I don't. I like a more balanced sound, without need to EQ it a lot.
    So, how is the sound in OnePlus? It's much more balanced, mature maybe. It is not fatiquing, I have used the headphones for about 20 hours before writing this review, so I got time to understang what are they. The bass is surely not as pronounced as in Xiaomi, but it is also there, well controlled and getting low. The mids are there, nothing to write home about but there is no humps or bumps there - the sound does not feel coloured or harsh. The high frequency extension is average I would say, but again, not fatiquing, very neutral.
    2. The fit - the left Xiaomi earphone keeps falling of my ear, and putting the largest eartips does not help. The OnePlus stay in my ears, even using the "medium" tips that came on the earphones by default.
    3. The control unit - while not being made out of metal is more practical to me. Why? If you look at the pictures you will see that there is a big difference between the Xiaomi and the OnePlus. In OnePlus the control is located on the cable of the right earphone - so when you need to wear the earphones you can know immediately where is the left and the right without reading small letters - simply by looking in the remote. It's not the situation with Xiaomi.
    Part 3 - more about the sound
    Well ... What's more to say? I really liked the sound of those. While not having some extraordinary resolution, these fit just about any music that I tried listening. Metal, rock, pop, classics - all sound very enjoyable with the Silver Bullets. If I would be asked how I would improve the overall clarity of the headphones, they sound a bit warm. I also like the understated simple but stylish looks of those.
    I used Sansa Clip+ (rockboxed), Nexus5, and Like5 A970 amp for the review. Thanks for reading - I will like to hear your thoughts about the headphones, and my review. If there is something I can help you with - don't hesitate to ask.
    If I will think of something else useful I could share about the headphones I will update the review or leave a comment.
    English is not my mother tonque, so exuse me for typo's and different mistakes.
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  2. AlecR
    What an excellently written review!
    I am looking to buy a pair of these soon hopefully and this has really helped with my buying decision, thanks a lot buddy! [​IMG]
  3. viperxp

    Thank you, I am glad you liked it, not much comments here :frowning2:
  4. AlecR
    It certainly deserves more comments. This is one of the most useful threads I have seen recently, so credit to you Sir!
  5. abhi55
    Totally agree with your review and I think for their price, they are really good. I haven't heard Xiaomi though..
  6. RedTwilight
    I think it's because they aren't very well known. Just came across them while looking for a pair of inexpensive but good iems for a project. Thanks for review!
  7. viperxp
    I am happy that you like the review and the earphones.
    My wife totally confiscated them :)
  8. marcusg

    I wanted to post up a message about my experience with these.  I ordered them based off the review I read here and would say much of it is accurate.  Overall I think the sound is great for the price.  Having said that I am disappointed with the purchase and do not recommend. 
    The first issue I have if you are active there is a good chance that you will break the mic/volume control.  The unit is 2 piece and if something snags it you will break it apart as I did.  I had these no joke for 2 hours and that is exactly what happened to me.  The 2 millimeter plastic connections (2x) broke. If you are at all active I do not see any way the volume/mic control unit won't break.
    That leads me to my second issue, the OnePlus customer service/return policy.  The refund policy is replace only at their discretion.  After seeing the poor quality of construction I want my money back.  I was told 3 different times by Jan, Jiki and Louisse this is my only option (at least they are consistent).  I get that earphones are a very personal product, but I it's pretty obvious by ship date, confirmation and when I called there were only hours this could have happened. I was really expecting more of a customer first experience based on the the brand promise by Pete Lau.  Very disappointed.
    Lastly, while I did mention and will tell you the sound is great, it's a true sealed earbud.  My short time with these made me realize how much I like the Apple EarPods better for everyday use.  The Silver Bullets form a vacuum seal in your ear and it makes it hard to judge the volume of your voice when on the phone or outside noises (like your ears are plugged).  The EarPods don't have that seal and I feel are more practical for everyday use because you can hear sounds around you better.  If you want to be disconnected from the world and connected to whatever you are listening to then the Silver Bullets are a good choice.
  9. freakyanand
    Thats really a nice review..Did you've been gone through either of  Sennheiser CX-180 or Sennheiser CX-275s!!..i mean i'm just keeping these as a benchmark for earphone's sound quality.They both are very good in terms of looks,sound quality,money value as well.But yes i wish Sennheiser would have slighlty better build quality.Can you suggest something better than sennheiser to Xiomi or One Plus earphones!!!!
  10. viperxp
    Thank you.
    Well, since the review many new interesting options came to the market.
    1. New Xiaomi Hybrid BA headphones
    2. New Xiaomi Pistons (Pistons 3)
    3. Several 1More headphones, includin hybrid BA models
    I will review some new headphones hopefully next week, maybe some of them will be to your liking.
  11. BurntToast12
    Several questions,
    How are the microphonics?
    How good is the microphone?
    How is the isolation?
    It seems to be quite an interesting IEM.
    I want to try it, But I can't find any seller in Indonesia. :c
  12. Andrea Polini
    Thank you for the review, very well written 

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