ONE STORE for headphone recable??? DIY
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Jun 13, 2005
Hello, I"m going nuts. I would like to buy the following:
2 Neutrik 1/4 plugs of good quality or a FURUTECH FURU-FP-704
15 feet of Mogami W2534 Or W2893
5 to 6 feet of Cardas blue Quad
maybe some Techflex (I could get it somewhere else later.)

I'm going insane trying to find it all in one place.

Percy Audio has the Cardas for $5.75 (good, but $8 shipping) They might have other stuff, but the webite is unsearchable

redco has Mogami and Neutrik NYS228BG but no Cardas cable.

Parts Conextion has one big clusterflip of a messy website with no search function, and although I have read they will price match, I can't find anything! (not even 1/4 inch plugs! Are they called something else???)

Maybe I'm stupid, but I've been at this for hours. I would like it all to be a fair price and come in one box with ONE shipping fee.

I know there are a million DIY guys here,,,please help me a little and point me in the right direction! This can't be so hard! I've never done ANY DIY cable project before, but I PROMISE I have searched and researched Headfi looking for stores and parts!!

EDIT: Shipping to the USA....$

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