one song explodes
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Jan 16, 2004
it's that one song that embodies everything you love about that artist, that album, about music itself. it's a shot of purified, concentrated extract of music. except it's not just one. they're not rare. in fact, there are more than i could ever know. unique and countless. but at any particular given moment, there's just that one. nothing else can substitute. nothing can match that particular crumb of time except that one song. ephemeral but permanent.

which one is it right now?

for me... it's

Stereolab - "Les Yper-Sound"
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i'm, um, inebriated.
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I think I know what you meen, like a song that you listen to wishing for more... more just like it, yet you know that there isn't because this song is exactly what it is... so their can't be anything else that gives off that exact feeling.

I know you said one but I have just a couple.

Land Down Under - Men at Work - Land Down Under Video
Dance Above the Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman - Dance Above the Rainbow Video (The ending half... nice
Stolen Kiss - Ronan Hardiman - Stolen Kiss Video (Also the ending half
Reaction - Himalayan Project
Mediational Field - Susumu Hirasawi - Mediational Field Video
Caravan American - Agent 23 & B Ski Rocks
A thousand Tears - Alphawezen
Let's talk about a Man - Prezioso / Marvin - Let's talk about a Man Video
Somnambulist - BT - Somnambulist Video

I guess a little more than a couple.
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The National - Fake Empire

Snow Patrol - Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

I'll never wear these songs out. They are life in music.
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I'm going to go with the immediate song that came to mind when I saw your thread title:

Xanadu - Rush

From 1977-1981, I saw Rush 5 times & they played absolutely mind-blowing versions of Xanadu each time! The song's opening power chord would be accompanied by such large flame explosions on each stage end that you could feel the heat from them for ~75 feet back and half your vision would be blurred from burned retina images for quite a few minutes afterward.
...And the crowd goes nuts!
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Prince - Let's Go Crazy

Although I don't think it's his best song nor is it my favorite. The OP's description of "a shot of purified, concentrated extract of music" fits it perfectly.

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