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One skint Head-Fi'er Needing some help please.

  1. Paul Graham
    Ive just got married 3 weeks ago and we're moving in one weeks time.
    I already owe money to a good friend in a few months time who builds my cables for me.
    Basically Ive just made an inventory of my main hi-fi cables and I don't have enough.
    Now my moneys all tied up for the next few months so I'm being brave and a tad cheeky and asking
    if anyone has an overflow of cables they wouldn't mind giving away?
    What I need are RCA to RCA, iDevice interconnect kit, USB & Speaker cable.
    What I really really need is a phono stage but I know thats asking a lot lol. ( But you never know so doesn't hurt to ask )
    If its wrong to post this I apologise. ( and if so please would a mod remove )
    But hopefully there are a few kind hearted fellow enthusiasts on here who wouldn't mind helping?
    All my best and my thanks, Paul :)
  2. Lenni
    you've a pm.
  3. Paul Graham
    PM Received, And thank you very much for the help my friend :)
  4. Paul Graham
    Lenni, These Cables are amazing thank you!!! They will definitely come in very helpful in my front room. :)
  5. Paul Graham
    Eric, The cables arrived This morning unscathed! 
    Thanks my man, Very much appreciated :)
    Well Im very nearly there on the cable side of things.
    I need about 7 more Rca to Rca cables so if anyone can help I would really appreciate it folks :)
    Aaaand, If anyone has a spare cart or phono stage lying around they just fancy giving away..........
    Well it was worth a shot lol :p
    Thanks again guys n gals for taking the time to read this thread and to all who have helped :)
    All my best. Paul.

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