One pair of headphones...EVERYBODY LOOK!
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Banned for flipping
Aug 3, 2010

No matter how many headphones you have purchased, tried, returned and even kept, which pair of headphones have you found yourself always destined to go back to and why?


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The KSC75. Haha
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om nom nom
beyerdynamic DT 48. Simply effortless.
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Koss PortaPro!
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 havn't gone back to any yet.....
the only one that possible. is....
( sold the "PRO",,, who knows .. may get a 600hm in the future.)
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Edition 8 and the Porta Pro
I think the Edition 8 is the best thing I have ever put on my head.  For me personally, it hits every note perfectly.  Subwoofers with perfectly forward mids and nicely detailed highs.  Of the hundreds of headphones I have owned in my life this is the one that will never leave my wall.  I will buy more headphones just as a change of pace and because it's an aweful habit! 
The Porta Pro is one I have been coming back to faithfully since 1986.  There is just something about that Porta Pro sound that I like.  I have gone through soooooooo many portable headphones over the years, but the Porta Pro keeps getting the most head time.

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