On pins and needles/K601 First Impressions
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Okay, now you forced me to try running them straight out of my iPod again to check the volume

At around 90% (and 100%) volume on both my 2nd gen iPod Touch and my old 5th gen iPod Classic I did get mixed results depending on the albums I tried, and on some of them (eg. "hard" rock like Garbage) both iPods did provide what could probably be considered decent listening volume, although still a somewhat below what I've gotten used to.
On other albums - eg. some from my Tori Amos and The Cardigans collections - the iPods really couldn't come close to delivering the volume I want for music like that. It was a level that would probably be suitable for background music while reading, but definitely not for making me feel I'm on stage with Nina Persson's exceptionally beautiful voice right in my face.

I can tell you're definitely a loud listener then! I normally listen at quite low levels (of course the occasional rock-out is in order though!). I have really bad tinnitus though, I can't afford to be listening at too loud of levels. With that said, I find that K601 out of my iPod nano on full volume is ear-piercing loud.
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I seem to recall reading somewhere recently that at least one European country (I think it was France) has forced Apple and other manufacturers of portable players by law to restrict volume levels to a certain limit. I'm not sure if that could perhaps apply to the "European batch" of iPods in general?
With the typical localization of imported products in Europe, I don't really think that sounds particularly likely though.
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I tried the K601 with the Touch 1G. 100% volume and it's only a little louder than my normal listening volume, it's not that loud. Less volume with a friend's D2, but that puts out a lot of power compared to the Touch 1G's jack. I came from bassy headphones, and although I miss the bass from the DT770 or Q40s, I don't hate the sound signature either. I gotta listen to it more before I make a valid decision, but at the moment, I do like what I'm hearing.
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I've gone audio-lean, and trimmed down to the K601--just because it covers about 85% of my listening needs; get an itch when I want to hear the bass slam that my 770's provided prior. I, too, preferred this to the K701's, and I've owned the latter twice.. a burned in one as well as a brand new one. They seem (from what I remember) to have slightly better bass. I think they make a wonderful all-rounder in the 'mid-fi' segment.

Caveat to my impressions though, my K601 came with 701 pads, so not sure how it compares to stock.

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