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Feb 22, 2009
Hi, I designed that I might end up this hobbies since I haven't have much time to listen to my musics at home.
I realize that I don't have much at home and I always use my IEMs whenever I need to travel or even when I go to bed..
So I'm thinking about getting the UE11pro or the JH-13pro either one of this.
I know it's sounds silly but after I get it I will send it to some company to re-mold it.
I want to get the better Custom IEM for now.
I will come back again when I feel like I have more time to listen to my headphone at home.
Anyone who want to sell this pair of Custom IEM please contact me by PM with the price
Thank you so much.
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Jun 18, 2008
he JH13 cannot be reworked I spoke to Brittany H at JH Audio. They do not fix any nor remake them for anyone else. In other words once you get them they are yours for ever, and cannot be fixed cost the same to get a new pair.
The UE11 plug into the earpiece transducers so the wire can be redone if broken and a redoing of the, I heard was near $200, but it was stated by an acquaintance, and I am uncertain as to the full cost and if that is so. I myself will call them Tuesday or later to find out.

I am trying to make up my mind which of the 2 to get even if the JH13 is the better of the 2 the danger in loosing it all pushes me to think in terms of the UE11 Unless I can find a company that can fix them. Do you have anyone that can fix them? If you do I may get the JH13

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