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Jan 9, 2013
Hi All,
I just wanted to advice and opinions if possible.
I am selling my Beats Solo HD's and am looking for some new gear. I bought the Beats whilst travelling back in 2011 (in a bit of a rush) not knowing much about them as they hadn't quite taken off as much back then. Obviously they aren't that great sound wise, so I'm now ready to upgrade!
I am in the UK, so budget is £100 - £200. I'd prefer closer to £100, but would consider up to £200 if it really is worth it.
So far, I have been looking at the V-Moda M80's and the B&W P3. I love the look of the P3's, but whilst reviews are good, individual opinions seem to be quite poor for them. Some of the AKG options as well the the Harmon Kardon's look nice also, although not entirely sure.
I am looking for On Ear's, as I find the Over Ears a bit large for my head. They will mainly be used with my phone (for music, not calls) or future tablet (Haven't purchased yet) and whilst travelling.
What would you recommend? Keen to hear opinions on the two I've mentioned, but also on others that I have yet to consider!?
Wireless would be great, but I don't think the extra money and loss of quality is worth it at this point of time, although I'd love to be corrected on that..
Thanks for your help :)
Edit: Just a quick note, the M80's are down to £115 (Black) and £109 (White) on Amazon at the moment, which seems quite good.
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I've personally always wanted a pair of V-moda M-80s but with my current headphone inventory, they won't see much use. I live in Australia where M-80's are $248 AUD so 115 pounds would be considered a massive steal over here. I've auditioned them once in-store for about 30 minutes and quite like them, not exactly an audiophile/expert so the best I can say is Bass/Mids are very nice for the price but Highs aren't exactly detailed enough for my liking.
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I'm from Australia too, just living in London at the moment! I've heard good things about these and the price does seem to be good. The white ones are 109 on Amazon and the black 114, not sure which I'd choose yet. 
I'd still like some more advice and opinions about competing models though from members if possible!

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