On-Board Sound Blaster Recon3Di vs other DAC's

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by proto12, Aug 25, 2013.
  1. Proto12
    Hey guys,
       As the title suggests, i'm debating whether or not to invest in a DAC or just continue using my laptop's on-board sound card. 
    I just recently decided to purchase a set of Swan's M200MkII's for personal/desktop use, and i wanted to make sure that i would be getting the most out of those speakers. Now if money was a non-issue, then i would definitely invest in a DAC regardless of whether of not my sound card is decent for the sole benefits of having a separate sound card. BUT, since money is an issue, so is purchasing a DAC...
       Sooooo, with all of that said, what are your guys' opinions? Would a $150 DAC make enough of a difference in sound quality to make the purchase worth it, or is what i've got good enough on a set of Swan MkII's?
    EDIT: $150 would be the absolute max i could possibly spend on a DAC...i'm already pushing it to buy the Swan's in the first place [​IMG].
  2. digz6666
    I have same question too. Did you found your answer, it's been 4 years :)

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