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Discussion in 'Music' started by jasonb, Dec 2, 2013.
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    Try Charles Mingus and Chris thile
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    One of a kind..
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  11. Dark Helmet
    Is there anything out there like Return to Forever? I would like to broaden my horizons a bit more into the Jazz world.
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  13. Quinto

    This Nardis version is really great!
  14. jnorris
    Return to Forever is less about jazz and more about fusion (which was not a dirty word back then).. RTF formed soon after the Mahavishnu Orchestra which pretty much started the whole thing. Mahavishnu was the original super fast, super aggressive jazz-rock band, with RTF and Larry Coryell's Eleventh House jumping on the gravy train soon afterward. Other artists that tried to cash in on it were Jean Luc Ponty, Horacee Arnold, David Sancious, Dixie Dregs, Bruford, Jeff Lorber, and Barry Miles (who claims he invented fusion - kind of like how Al Gore invented the internet). This is just a handful, there were hundreds of bands like this and many more spawned from them as members quit and formed other bands ad infinitum. I was there for the whole thing and I loved every minute of it. Until fusion morphed into acid jazz (which was neither acidic or jazzy) in the late '80s and smooth jazz after that.

    Look up Return to Forever on YouTube and just follow the leads - but be forewarned, you may forget to come up for air.
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    Does anyone know why this is not view-able in the USA? I get this message:


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